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*The African Society [Part VIII]*/Any Africans on here?

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    hahahahahaha, absolutely horrific

    I'm not sharp at all. :coffee:
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    Edit: Nothing to see, lads. They've been exposed.
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    Sagar... you are officially the creepiest and weirdest person on TSR.
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    That'd mean something if it came from anyone who isn'
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    You took it down? Good boy. Have a cookie.
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    I'd have kept it up but.. yeah, allow full names being exposed on here.
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    you could always do a ladi, whatever it was
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    Omg as if people do this!!!
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    "StarCraft's multiplayer is particularly popular in South Korea, where players and teams participate in professional competitions, earn sponsorships, and compete in televised tournaments."

    :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
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    (Original post by JessaminePoppy)
    Awww maaan ! I also love it.
    Do you get all the references? I usually don't, which leads to research... the original comics especially need background knowledge... do you know those too?
    I've never read these, no!
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    (Original post by + polarity -)
    I've never read these, no!
    Weell, it's where the magic started. The site is a bit slow and sometimes you have to skip a month, because they started republishing old ones. Still, if you love the Boondocks, this is where it all came from.
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    lmfao :rofl2:
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    lol ^

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    As much as I hate those things, I loled.


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Updated: November 26, 2015
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