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Your at Uni, and you had £33,000 saved up .. what would you do?

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    (Original post by meenu89)
    Spend £33,000 making sure I knew the difference between the words your and you're....
    Wow, that was weak.
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    Charlie and hookers!!
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    (Original post by arsi123)
    You ought to invest some money into understanding the difference between its and it's ...
    I let microsoft word take care of that whore.
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    (Original post by kevin6767)
    I am a Member of the Nigerian Royal family. Congrats you have won the Nigerian national lottery. To claim your prize and release the funds please send your bank account details to me and allow me to take £33,000 to release your prize.

    But seriously I would say keep on saving it and set yourself up some where after uni. Not many people have that kind of cash to help them out after uni for I would say think of the future.
    You missed a few spelling mistakes
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    (Original post by arsi123)

    I seriously cannot understand why a large portion of the population cannot distinguish between the use of your and you're, its and it's, etc.
    I'm afraid you will see it plenty of times on TSR :sad:
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    (Original post by tsrstar)
    I'd continue saving untill i had enough for a deposit on a house. May sound boring compared to an awesome holiday or a shopping spree but if i had that kind of money, i wouldn't be living with my parents
    I agree.
    Id also enjoy yourself a bit, like buy yourself a decent car (if you can drive) etc. If you want to pay for uni with it, then you could do that.
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    (Original post by meenu89)
    I'm afraid you will see it plenty of times on TSR :sad:
    I know. :facepalm: It's sad. Really sad.

    Oh well, on the bright side, at least you're not among them.
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    (Original post by arsi123)
    I know. :facepalm: It's sad. Really sad.

    Oh well, on the bright side, at least you're not among them.
    People are just lazy, don't get why everyone is so pissy about it, who cares?!
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    well you could give me some if you want, il double it
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    invest in a house
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    (Original post by Tateco)
    People are just lazy, don't get why everyone is so pissy about it, who cares?!
    It's not that people are lazy, but that people genuinely don't understand the difference.

    I have come across several individuals ( among which are friends too ) where I have had to explain the difference and all, and they all did agree prior to it that they had no clue.
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    I would go away with that girl your having problems with, maybe a weekend in paris, and then I would save the rest, because most people end up in 20,000 - 40,000 in debt after uni, so yeh I'd think wisely! :-)
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    (Original post by Cunn)
    Vegas? All on red
    Lol, what a joker!
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    sex, drugs, rock and roll
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    (Original post by StudyHard_LiveBetter)

    I am an 'older' student (23) and have worked a few years, so I have managed to save up a bit of money.

    I currently have around £33,000 saved up.

    At the moment these are in a number of different saving accounts but I just feel I have all that money in my account but I'm not really 'enjoying life'. I am in a sucky situation with my friendship group at the moment and having girl trouble (haaa).

    So I'm just wondering, if you were a student and had £33,000 in savings .. what would you do? .....

    I'd either put a deposit on a house and and rent it out to get some rental income or I'd start an investment portfolio and put money into shares, buying and selling commodities, bonds and despositing it in high interest savings accounts. That just a thought.
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    If uni was going well for me, then I'd wait till I'd graduated then go do lots of travelling around the world. If uni wasn't going well for me, then I'd drop out immediately and then go do lots of travelling around the world

    By the way, what jobs did you have and how long for that you managed to save to so much money? That is pretty impressive :yep:
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    (Original post by PJ07)
    Travel at every opportunity.

    Go backpacking round south east asia or something, you could live like a king.

    I went to asia for a year and loved every second and I had no money at all, had to teach English and stuff.

    I spent less than £2k for three months backpacking round south east asia.
    You'll have a great experience, meet new people and hell you may never come back it'll be that good!

    Just one suggestion.
    Oh my goodness me. Could you be any more of a liberal? What makes you think that they wanted to learn English? Or did you just want to boost your ego? Хуй.
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    Buy a car.

    Pay off the mortgage.

    Go travelling.

    Invest in technology.

    Do a masters.

    Give to charity.

    Put it in a trust fund for the kidlets.
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    (Original post by someonesomewherexx)
    You missed a few spelling mistakes
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    Save - Uni (Don't pay upfront) -Travel-House/Flat deposit - Live life


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