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Living with 5 friends, a good idea?

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    Hey Guys!

    This year I have lived with 4 other people. They are a lovely bunch of people but we have just kept ourselves to ourselves but we talk in the kitchen when we are both in their but apart from that, nothing. for example, we never go out together.

    Next year, I am living with 5 friends and if I am honest ... I am starting to regret it a little! there's already 'issues' going on with the group and I have a feeling things will only get worse once we are living together!

    Anyone had good/bad experinces with living with friends?
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    Living together only exaggerates what is already happening with your friends. If you don't get on then living together will make it worse. If you get on then living together will make it better. It won't suddenly make good friends hate each other for no reason.

    When I lived with my mates at uni we just got on better because we were hanging out loads, it was a great year.
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    Beats living together with 5 enemies...


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Updated: April 5, 2012
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