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Failing a second year module on purpose to retake next year

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    Basically one of my modules is going to bring my average down because for out mid-term test which was worth 25%, I got 20% in (slacked pretty bad on that) and it'll be quite hard to get a high mark on it overall now. The rest of my modules should be alright. But would it be a bad idea to fail it on purpose so I can retake it next year where I'm allowed to get up to the maximum marks (not just capped at 40% if I fail completely)? Bearing in mind I dunno how hard and time consuming 3rd year is gonna be alone.

    And tbh, part of the reason I was thinking this is cause I think I might fail one module even if I did try my best in revising for it - cause it's the one module I really didn't put a lot of effort in working on compared to my others. And I was thinking it might be better to use my remaining time on revising for my other exams.
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    I'm sure there will be a system in place at your uni to stop you from doing that. I know at mine you are not allowed to progress to level 3 unless you have 120/120 credits, so if that's the same at your uni, you wouldn't be allowed to go into year 3 as you won't have the full number of credits.

    Edit: Just checked your posts, assuming you are at UCL, I very much doubt they would let you do this seeing as it is a very good university.
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    Daft idea.

    It would be worth checking out how your uni works out your classification though. At some unis, they drop the lowest graded module from both 2nd and 3rd year. Plus, there's the likely increase of workload in 3rd year which will make your life harder if you were allowed to retake it anyway.


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