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A-Level Combination

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    For my A-Levels I want to do: Geography, History, German and Biology.
    Do you think it's a good combination, bearing in mind I want to study Geography at University?

    I'd really appreciate people's opinions and it would also be good for people doing these courses to tell me what they're like.

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    Cheers for the links!

    Wow, for the Geo course at Cambridge a modern language is 'useful'.
    Why Maths and Physics? - is it because they are more geared to physical geography?
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    I wouldn't say I was particularly. I don't like to sit on the fence, but I find Human and Physical Geography both about the same in terms of difficulty and level of enjoyment/ how much extra research I put into them in my own time.

    That's why I originally thought to play it safe - History, because I'm good at essay writing. But with your suggestion of Maths and Physics I'm definitely re-considering. Thanks!


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Updated: April 6, 2012
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