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What song do you want played for your first dance?

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    For those of you who want to get married that is

    Call me crazy, but I've vaguely planned my wedding. I just need to kidnap a groom.

    I wanted to play this song:

    But my friends said it was too chessy/cliche.

    My other option was this song:

    I'm not fully sure though. My fiancee will probably decide.

    What's yours?
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    i'll never get married because i have Body Dysmorphic disorder and cant talk to women without insulting them.

    if i looked horrible on my wedding day i wouldn't even turn up i'd stay at home and hope my face looked better the next day.

    no womans going to marry a guy like that. what womans wnats to date a guy who spends hours in the mirror looking at his dark circles.
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    The Cure | Friday I'm In Love

    If she disagrees.. wedding's off. No negotiations.
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    Not that i'm even thinking about marriage but i've had this song chosen since I was six and it was my mums first dance song. I'd have 'She' by Elvis Costello. I think it's really really lovely, and it's not too long so it wouldn't drag, but it's long enough to still be romantic and nice
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    Biggest Mistake - The Rolling Stones
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    Muse or bust.

    Either Unintended or their cover of Can't Take My Eyes Off You. :adore:

    <3 x
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    mite b cool
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    The Cranberries - Linger
    Michael Giacchino - Life and Death
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    they sound so perfect together :drool:


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    I want, 'Why don't we just dance?' by Josh Turner, but my boyfriend says it's inappropriate (hardly!). So I've told him if we can't have that he has to sing 'Your man' by Josh Turner to me... I bet he'll let me have Why don't we just dance, after all..
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    The mere thought of having a 'first dance' makes me feel a bit sick!
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    "I got hoes in different area codes"


    But I'll get a pre-nup just in case.
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    Unfortunately, during a particularly heavy stoner session, me and a mate decided to make a bet/dare/whatever: whichever one of us gets married first has to have this as our first dance song:

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    Rule The World by Take That. I'm not a massive Take That fan, it's just a song that's meant a lot to me and my boyfriend for several years...
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    in sha Allah
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    That's a tough one, but I managed to narrow it down:

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    lol jk

    matt nathanson is a walking god seriously jokes aside this song is amazing

    or this being the most emotional song


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Updated: April 8, 2012
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