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English Lit at Sussex

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    Hi, I will be at Sussex for a year (from US) and an English major. I will take other classes but will concentrate on English Lit. I want a Jane Austin class and have seen good reviews on others, but does anyone have any suggestions? I know they are re-vamping things a bit but I'm open to any opinions.
    Thanks..it will be different but I'm excited.
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    I'm not sure what they will be offering for the next academic year, however there is a Special Author: Jane Austen module that runs for final year students (not sure what year your modules will come from?) If not in the past I have completed a Woman and Writing in the 18th Century module in my 2nd year which had Austen and related authors in it

    Hope that helps
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    I will be a junior coming in but what levels, etc. is still new to me. My college tells us we shouldn't take under level 2 and things like that, but being new and not in the same track as others, will take some time to figure out.

    They wrote us to say not to send classes yet and then recently, wanted them, but warned us that they might change...I'll be in 4 in September, just have to wait.

    I really wanted to study Tolkien but only St. Andrew's had that and I couldn't go there.

    Thanks for the info. I will be taking an 18th century course.


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Updated: April 8, 2012
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