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Stray Cat

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    About three or so days ago a cat wandered up to my house and got in when I went for a fag. I started petting it and showed him affection until I put him outside, but he kept on coming back and getting in sometimes for a few hours, he's currently asleep beside me on my couch.

    I dunno who he belongs too, it could be one of my neighbors, but I do think he's a stray as one of his ears is slightly bent and looks like it hurts =/

    He's a pure black cat, and looks healthy but I do think he needs sometime to eat, he was meowing in a high pitched tone and has big sad eyes.

    Personally, I wanna keep him, but what should I do, phone the RSPCA or something?
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    Hmm, maybe take him in and feed him while putting up some posters in the nearby area asking if anyone has lost a black cat? And then if you don't hear anything within a week or two, either phone the RSPCA or keep him and take him to a vet.
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    This happened to me 3 years ago, we went to the RSPCA and they vaccinated it for us and let us adopt the cat however it went missing after staying with us for 2 years -.- But make sure it is actually a stray cat because cats are actually not that loyal and when it comes to food they will accept it from anyone.
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    Keep him! I had 5 cats but ones gone missing I also have a black cat as well
    But before you keep him permanently... Do take him to a vet to see if he's got any illness or disease and to see if he's actually been microchipped... If he is you can bring him back to his owners... If not then I would keep him if I was you... Seems like you two have fate anyways
    Good luck ~
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    (Original post by Kater Murr)
    Hmm, maybe take him in and feed him while putting up some posters in the nearby area asking if anyone has lost a black cat? And then if you don't hear anything within a week or two, either phone the RSPCA or keep him and take him to a vet.
    I agree with this Keep him if you're fond of him but do advertise him incase he has went missing from another home, they will miss him if hes not a stray
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    Put up posters around your area and see if anyone knows anything. Also if you take him to the RSPCA they can scan him to see if hes micro chipped, if he is they will be able to contact the owners. You might not want to get rid if him, but someone really might be missing him.
    If he isn't micro chipped they will probably let you keep him
    You could also try getting a collar and putting a note in it, with your number. Then if he does have owners he's going back to they can let you know.
    Hope this helped
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    Me and my sister adopted a stray cat back in the summer, we put up posters in pet shops and noticeboards nearby, but no-one claimed her, so we kept her.

    If he does seem unwell or badly injured i would reccommend taking him to a vet, but just to warn you, sometimes if you take them to the rspca, they may not think you have a suitable home, so you may end up not being aloud to keep him.
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    Take it to the vet to see if it's been microchipped, easiest way to know if it had an owner
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    Thanks guys, I called the Scottish version of the RSPCA and they just said that I should ignore it completely and see if it goes back to his owners, after a few days if he is still around then I have to go and get it scanned =/
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    :O don't ignore the poor baby..I'd say sod their advice, let it in for food and cuddles whilst also putting up posters and asking neighbours if they know who's it may be


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Updated: April 6, 2012
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