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Are you ever to old for Easter eggs?

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    (Original post by Megaross)
    I just wish they did solid easter eggs, how satisfying would it be to smash a solid chocolate egg against a wall and eat the shattered chunks?
    I think the thought of that just turned me on.
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    My Dad asked me the same thing a couple days ago. I told him no and that he wasn't getting out of it

    I justified this because I haven't had a birthday cake since my 18th so the least he can do is buy me an Easter egg instead!
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    aaannd the correct answer to this question is a resounding no.

    ... :ahee:
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    Saw my nan today. She bought an Easter Egg for my granddad (68), my uncle (46) and my dad (43).
    It's definitely a no.
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    Does anyone buy their parents an easter egg?
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    never too old for easter eggs :unimpressed:
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    I am currently however too hungover for my easter egg
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    It's just chocolate, why would you ever be too old for chocolate?!
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    Not at all :cool:


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Updated: April 8, 2012
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