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What are the 5 greatest TV Series' of all time?

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    In no particular order:

    Desperate Housewives
    Grey's Anatomy

    All of them are amazing, but I have particularly loved the last season of Desperate Housewives, all the story-lines and the characters have been so good! Wish they were doing another season...
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    1. Curb
    2. Arrested development
    3. Twin Peaks
    4. Fawlty Towers
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    1. Arrested Development
    2. Malcolm in the middle
    3. Community
    4. The Office (US)
    5........DRAGON BALL Z!!
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    The Simpsons (seasons 2-8 were so good that I'll kinda ignore the fact that it went downhill)
    The Wire
    The Sopranos
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    Blake's 7, Doctor Who, Only Fools and Horses, Life on Mars/Ashes to Ashes and I can't think of another one
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    In no order

    Big Bang Theory
    The Simpsons
    Family Guy
    Ermmm maybe inbetweeners, north square (i know there was only 1 series :'( ).
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    1. Lost
    2. Sherlock
    3. Torchwood (not including the miracle day series)
    4. Fawlty Towers
    5. Doctor Who
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    (Original post by the hedonist)
    1. Arrested development
    2. Malcolm in the middle
    3. Community
    4. The office (us)
    5........dragon ball z!!
    dbz! Yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    1.Doctor Who
    2.Star Trek
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    Band of Brothers
    Friday Night Lights

    honourable mentions-
    Dr Who
    Lie To Me (not to be confused with the BBC panel show 'would I lie to you?'
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    (Original post by Summering)
    So I'm just going to put my 5 favourites,

    1 24
    2 The Wire
    3 Breaking Bad
    4 The Sopranos

    I would say Dexter, but the first season of Homeland was so good that Ill stick that in fifth
    such a shame it took 8 posts before someone posted a decent list. I pretty much agree with your list but I've been watching game of thrones and I would add it to that list just not sure where.
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    Gordon Ramsey's Kitchen Nightmares USA
    Dragons' Den
    The Apprentice
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    (Original post by Pheylan)
    Well of course you think that if you primarily watch Desperate Housewives and Family Guy (and, to a lesser extent, Friends)
    please spoiler your sig cos i almost died of cuteness
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    Doctor Who
    The big bang theory/ Scrubs
    (Lost and Once upon a time also almost made it on to the list. Although once upon a time is relatively new, but it is very good so far despite not having finished its first season yet).

    I forgot merlin and Torchwood as well. I'm not quite sure which would be my top five now.
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    Wtf is it with The Office? Am I genuinely the only person alive who thinks that Ricky Gervais writes the biggest piles of dross ever?
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    1) The Wire
    2) Lost
    3) South Park
    4) Battlestar Galactica
    5) Scrubs

    Others; West Wing, Prison Break, Simpsons, Big Bang, IT crowd, Friends, Friday Night Lights

    Future Potential Top 5's (if they continue to deliver); Breaking Bad, Homeland and Game of Thrones
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    No Order;

    Life On Mars/Ashes to Ashes
    Lie to Me

    But there are so many good ones, that list would change depending on my mood.

    if it was about a singles series...

    1. First Series of Prison Break
    2. First Series of Luther
    3. First Series of Life on Mars (2 and 3 easily interchangeable)
    4. Torchwood - Children of Earth
    5. First Series of Mad Dogs

    But I regret not being able to put Hotel Babylon up there or Spooks, Scrubs, Eli Stone... possibly Black Books (but doubtful)... Doctor Who... and undoubtedly more. :P

    Edit: SHERLOCK! How could I have forgotten that?! Definitely Sherlock somewhere!
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    (Original post by word2yamother)
    please spoiler your sig cos i almost died of cuteness
    I want to gently bite his whole head :heart:
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    Buffy the Vampire Slayer
    The West Wing
    Doctor Who

    (No particular order)
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    1.) Cosmos: A Personal Voyage
    2.) Breaking Bad
    3.) House
    4.) It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia
    5.) Sherlock.

    (Wish there was room for The Thick of It.)


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