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How tall are you?

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    5' 11" at 19
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    I measured myself the other day and I was a bit over 6'3" but that seems ludicrous so I reckon I must have gone a bit wrong somewhere, I'm gonna say 6'2" and a half.
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    i think Im the shortest at 4'11 at 17 , i love being short
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    5'6 - I'm pretty average
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    5'8" ish , 17, and pretty sure I've not grown for at least 3 years.
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    6'5 :mrt:
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    5'6, sixteen y/o
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    Me is 5"11 getting to 6 ft!!! I love being tall!!!
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    (Original post by Jono404)
    6'5, maybe 6'4 measured, but I'm taller than most people who say they're 6'4 so I'm not sure.
    lol I know what you mean, a lot of people bull****. Either they have no idea how to measure their height or they're just lying. I'd go with the latter.

    Anyway I remember a teacher a few years ago claiming he was 6ft. I'm 5'11" myself and I swear when he stood by my side he only came up to my eyes at the most. He was more in the 5'7/8 range, no where near 6 foot :rolleyes:
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    I have grown an inch since last year now 5foot7
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    I can't remember the last time I was actually measured, but around 5'10/11" I guess.
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    (Original post by waaahey)

    You must have supper long legs and that's always a bonus with height like yours
    I was thinking of the exact same thing ... but from a guys point of view
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    I'm 5 ft 7 and a half (the half is very important! hehe). I somehow managed to grow 1.5 inches between the ages of 20 and 22, although think i've finished growing now
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    (Original post by ElizM_94)
    Safe to say I'm the shortest LOL

    (Original post by ElizM_94)
    Safe to say I'm the shortest LOL

    (Original post by Ami)
    5ft 2, it's tragic...
    Heeeyyy !!! GREAT things come in small packages .... CHEER UP!!!:^_^::^_^:

    Although I did not mean that you are small .... or a package.... but U are great ..... O_O I'm going to shut up now!!!
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    around 5ft 7/8
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    6.1.7 and 17 stone 6. But most of that is my balls.


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