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Young British Muslims more conservative than their elders?

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    (Original post by Chloe xxx)
    No you havnt. My post had nothing to do with morals at all, it was about my friend who had dated many pakistani men.

    No idea how morals come into it at all but hey thats TSR for you, snottily moralistic.
    Well done for reading what I have said - too bad the concept of "wrong" is a moral one.
    I'm sorry that you have a rudimentary grasp of language, probably using a dictionary would help.

    To be fair you do enjoy spamming the Asian and Muslim threads with your illiterate garbage. You seem to be utterly clueless to the original purpose to the thread and enjoy sparking controversy. Then again a right winged girl who lacks the ability to understand basic logic probably has little else to do. Such difficult philosophical concepts must indeed be scary. I could look at you're personal history and explain why you exhibit such behaviour. Despite everything I have said is relevant you just can't understand it at all. Oh wells - no surprise there.

    What can I say - you're obviously out of you're league here.

    I think I'll leave you alone now - you really aren't a doing very well for yourself.
    Maybe you should have some lunch and then think deeply about what I have said.
    And obviously you have no idea how morals come up in it - such a leap might be over stretching it for you.
    I don't want to humiliate you any longer so I think I'll stop.
    It's funny how within an essay of words you are not able to read more than 1. That show's an awful deal about you x
    Continuing any further with a woman who can only read 1 out of every 100 words isn't at all fruitful.

    I won't bother reading any of your replies - it's only repaying the favour.
    What's the use in reading the words of a woman who can only read 1 in every 100; she probably finds it difficult enough.
    Don't "lose it" - we wont want to see you losing your mind over little old me

    Byyyyyyyyyeeee - have fun rambling on about ideas you pretend to understand. Conversing with someone who clearly understands what he's talking about is a bit beyond you at the moment. Forgive my for my rudeness - but the truth can be a bit much to bear.

    I should have ignored you from the beginning - it's obvious trying to communicate with such a "bigoted" "snotty" little "moralistic" girl (as you would put it) is fruitless. I'll let you ramble on and just ignore your misguided speeches.


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Updated: April 11, 2012
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