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Choosing between Glasgow School of Art, Dundee and Strathclyde for architecture

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    I've got offers from Strathclyde, Dundee and unconditional offer from Glasgow School of Art. I started thinking about which uni I shall put as my firm and insurance choice.

    Dundee (it takes 18th place) is ranked higher in studying architecture than Glasgow School of Art(23) but the latter is more globally recognised (top 60 uni in the world) plus it is a beautiful and historical city that I quite like. What do you think about Strathclyde for architecture?

    Could you all give me some advice please? Thanks in advance
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    Dundee is a shthole
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    the city
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    I think that GSA should be your main option and you should be happy to have unconditional offer. Strathclyde > Dundee for me.
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    (Original post by theonelink)
    Dundee is a shthole
    what do you mean?
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    Strathclyde as a uni is pretty good. However the architecture building is horrible, which I find quite funny. However even though I feel like I'm cheating on my uni I'd say go for GSA my cousin did architecture there and I think it's pretty highly recommended.
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    (Original post by juste_j)
    what do you mean?
    The city is not very nice... the studios at the school are nice remember I had an interview there but the city no... just no
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    And how do you compare Strathclyde and Dundee in terms of level of education?
    I have heard that architecture in Dundee is more devoted to art, humanities... and Strathclyde is much more technical. Is that true?

    I am transferring from the University in Poland with advanced second year entry and I have no idea what to choose. I have also a friend of mine studying in Dundee, which have told me a little bit about the course there, and I am a little bit worried about lack of technical subjects like f.e. building engineering.

    What would you advice?
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    I've got the same problem...kind of....
    I'm deciding between Strathclyde and Dundee for Architecture and i don't really have anything to base my decision on :s
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    I'd personally say stay away from Strathclyde just now. Apparently they aren't being given sufficient funding from the university, I know a guy out on his year's placement after third year just now and he says his full year got pulled in for a meeting where they were told they might have to end up being part time tutors for the undergraduate department. There's also whispers of the department being shut down in the near distant future, and there have been a few tutors (one that I personally know) cross the divide from Strathclyde to GSA in the past twelve months.

    I actually study architecture at GSA and personally recommend it highly to anyone wanting to study there, not intending to scare monger or be biased towards GSA either, just trying to warn people against making a decision they may regret in 2/3 years time.
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    Thanks for your replay.
    You really scared me now. I have already put Strathclyde as my firm choice so I will probably study architecture there. However I still must pass IELTS so nothing is sure yet. I was convinced that I have made a good choice placing Strathclyde upon Dundee (especially for its technical background) and now I have doubts. But really, it can't just be so wrong. That department is still one of the best in ranks, what is more, it has become better and better through last years. Is there anyone studying at Starthclyde already who can write some words what is happening there?
    I don't know what to do. Should I talk with them to reject me and then go to Dundee (insurance)? Please, give some advide.
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    The new aj100 has just come out this week and GSA is ranked 2nd alongside Sheffield.
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    (Original post by Meh_)
    The new aj100 has just come out this week and GSA is ranked 2nd alongside Sheffield.
    link please?
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    ah got it



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