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top button of shirts - do you button them?

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    If wearing a tie, then yes, convention says so.

    but if it's just a short sleeve shirt, or something similar, do you button it? IMO, it looks geeky.
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    nah - all other buttons, yes
    hate it when people have half the buttons undone
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    Why not do a Simon Cowell?

    Answer to your question - no, I don't.
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    I have the first two undone
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    I don't button the top three/four, but I'm a girl soo
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    If I didn't have a tie then certainly not.

    If I have a tie and don't really care about being formal, I'll sneakily do up the tie just tight enough to mask the fact that the top button isn't done up enough. Not sure if that makes sense, but that's what I do!

    If I'm trying to look suave then I'll do it up.

    It's a very rare occasion that I wear a shirt though.
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    No; I'm just not indie enough... :rolleyes:
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    Yes if I'm wearing a tie.

    No if not.

    Never wear half-sleeve shirts - I'd rather just wear a T-shirt then...
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    Mine's usually undone and I was quite content.

    Then my sister told me that buttoning up shirts to the top makes shoulders look less broad (my shoulders are quite wide, wider than my hips) :| ever since then, hello top button.
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    I wear shirts a great deal of the time and my top button is always done up
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    If I am wearing a tie then yes, always. Exceptions are when I am on the underground coming home in the baking heat...

    If I am not wearing a tie then no, never.
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    Yes, but I always have done, not wanting to flout uniform rules and all that
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    undone however some of my mates are starting a trend of wearing dress shirts with top button done up when out..i think looks weird but meh
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    (Original post by aneemilie)
    i don't button the top three/four, but i'm a girl soo
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    (Original post by aneemilie)
    I don't button the top three/four, but I'm a girl soo
    Got to show those puppies off haven't you
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    (Original post by Kennyy)
    you do know that women's shirts have more buttons and they are closer together...
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    Top two buttons undone with a tie, in school
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    On men - I think long sleeved shirts look fine with buttons done up. I don't like short sleeved shirts tbh.

    Women - Undone.
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    With a tie = yes
    Without a tie = bad bell end behaviour


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