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Is my mate screwed for life? (psycho girlfriend)

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    Basically he met some girl who is like 10 years older than him online when he was about 20 years old. They have been together for like 4 years and he claims that the relationship is not real and it is just 'a bit of fun'. I have teased him about him marrying her but he always denies it. He constantly talks about other girls and he is desperate to find a 'fit girl' which I can only assume that means his current girlfriend is unattractive. He never goes on a date with her and just uses her for her apartment and sex.

    Here comes the scary part she is an absolute psycho! She constantly asks him if he has been cheating nearly every phone call he has with her, they argue a lot too because of this. There was once where he would not answer his calls and then he answered and I could hear her over the phone. The sound was something else. It can only be described as lets say a cat screeching! There was another time where he was breaking up with her and she went through his emails to track all his friends and contact them for his other number.

    She also has issues with depression and she is on medication. Also even though I never met her I don't really like her that much. She hates on everyone. She is a hater.

    Anyway I am quite worried for my friend because I believe that she will do something really stupid if he leaves her. He spoke to me about it too and he just shuns it off as if its some joke. I know its none of my business and I will not interfere but I am quite worried for the guy! What should he do?
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    To be honest, it's your mate who seems like a bit of a douche here.

    HE's the one who has been with her for 4 years and is denying it is anything.

    You don't know what goes on before you hear any of the arguments, you have said yourself you don't know her, therefore you can't make FAIR judgements of her.

    His messing around is not going to be helping her with her depression is it?
    It's her that i think should be told to move on.
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    I agree with the above. Sounds like the girl has the raw end of the stick on this one. For all you know your mate could have told her that they were serious and she could think that he is in it for the long call. Maybe the hacking his emails to get to his friends is a bit weird but your mate sounds like the psyco here.


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Updated: April 7, 2012
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