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    (Original post by Tango189)
    Will update later with two sessions and will be following a set routine this month.
    The following one of them was done without water:

    DB row:22.5x8, 42.5x10x3.
    Chins:8, 6.
    BB curl:30, 20, 20. (Olympic bar)
    Reverse curl:20.

    BB bench:20x8, 40x6, 60x4, 80x6, 75x5, 70x6. Good considering it was at 1am in the heat.
    OHP:20x8, 40x5, 60x5.
    Clean and press:40x12.
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    Oh, and I squatted 100x5x5 sometime ago too, which is a PB. Should be looking at 140x5x5 by the end of the year if I don't decide to go back to 20 rep squats.
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    Tuesday 31st July 2012 - 1am chest.

    DB incline bench:10x10, 10x8, 32.5x10, 27.5x10x2. First time doing it so pretty good.
    Incline DB flies:10x12, 12.5x12, 12.5x10.
    CGBP:20x10, 60x8, 70x5, 60x5. Alright considering I ain't done it in 6 months + and I was struggling to do 45kg on it back then. Triceps must have got a lot stronger.
    Lateral side raises:7x10x2.
    Overhead DB extension:7x20.
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    Decent progress seeing that you are fasting .
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    (Original post by liftorrot)
    Decent progress seeing that you are fasting .
    Yeah buddy, lower volume seems to be working.
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    Thursday 2nd August 2012 - 1am back.

    Deadlift:60x5, 100x3, 120x1, 160x2 (not too bad, first one flew up), 100x10 (was the hardest time I've done 10+ reps on two plates ever). Should finally actually try 170kg next week, infact I will make it my primary aim of the week.
    DB row:22.5x8, 32.5x12x2.
    Preacher curl machine:130x2, 150x3, 100x5, 50x8.

    Turning 20 tommorow and should be doing legs with 110kgx5x5 squats and a bit of shoulders i.e. 60kg+ OHP then.
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    Thursday 2nd August - 23:00-24:00 squats

    Back squats: 20x8, 40x5, 60x5, 110x5x5. First two sets of the 110 were hard but after the third it was pretty straight forward after I got used to it, wasn't very happy with depth though atleast I didn't fail like I was expecting. Will probably stay at the same weight or go to 100 for next week before probably jumping on Madcow's to get this squat back upto where it should really be.
    Leg extensions:#8x10, #10x10x3.
    Leg curls: #10x8, #12x10x3. Supersetted with:
    Calf raises:15x10, 10x10, 10x12, 8x15.

    Ran home. Will be training again tonight. Had a comment saying I looked like I lost a bit of fat although I told the guy that I had put on weight, went home to see that I'm almost 14 stone so I'll probably have to get my bodyfat tested by a DEXA equivalent by the end of the year to see what sort of bf% I'm at. :rolleyes:
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    Monday 20th August - Chest day

    No time so skipped bench as I wouldn't have managed to do much else in twenty minutes.

    Dips: 15x3
    Incline flies: 12.5x12x2, 8x12x2 (paused)
    Tricep pushdowns: #4x10, #6x10, #15x14
    Lateral raises: 6x12x2
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    Tuesday 21nd August 2012 - Deadlift day.

    DL: 60x5, 100x3, 120x1, 160x5. Massive PB. Two weeks off lifting and this happens haha, probably because for the first time in months I have both chalk and a belt.

    Chins: 10.

    DB row: 20x8, 32.5x15, x20. Did the x20 Kroc row style.

    Reverse flies: 7kg x10x2.

    Shrugs: A very light weight for 35 reps.

    Machine preacher curl:30x10, 60x10, 40x10. Focussed on full stretching.

    Took me ages to hit a PB deadlift, should be going for one next week too. At first I was only going for a single on 160kg but to get five especially the way I've been eating and resting is quite a suprise.
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    Wednesday 22nd August - Chest day #2

    Was supposed to train shoulders or legs but did benching in 40 minutes.

    BB Bench:20x8, 40x6, 60x4, 100xf (half the positive and crappy set up, should have got a rep atleast and was pretty pissed at myself for that), 70x14(Had one more in me atleast).
    Incline DB bench:15x10, 27.5x10, 32.5x6.
    Incline flies: 12.5x12x2, 8x12x2 (paused)
    Dips:15 (Will be going to weighted ones next week onwards)
    Tricep pushdowns: Three sets of pretty high reps.
    Lateral raises: 6x15
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    Solid DB benching.. 100 should be close now... also 70 for 14 reps.. must be a PB ?

    Good job with the DLs !
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    (Original post by liftorrot)
    Solid DB benching.. 100 should be close now... also 70 for 14 reps.. must be a PB ?

    Good job with the DLs !
    I would have probably got it had it not been for training chest on Monday, 14 on 70kg is a PB and thanks
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    Friday 24th August 2012 - Shoulders.

    DB shoulder press:8x15, 20x12x3, 12.5x12.
    Shrugs:60x30, 80x15, 60x30.
    Lateral raises:8x10x3
    Rear delt machine:#5x10x3.
    Biceps, got a nice bicep vein on my right bicep for the first time ever doing concentration curls.
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    Monday 27th August - Chest day

    BB Bench:20x8, 40x6, 60x4, 80x9, 70x10. Should have got 80x10 in all fairness. Should be close to 90x5 by the end of September and 100x5 by the end of October. Anything close to 120 by the end of the year for a single would be great.
    Dips:10, 8. Couldn't be bothered resting enough to try weighted.
    Incline flies: 12.5x12x2, 8x12x2 (all four sets paused)
    Tricep pushdowns: 3x???
    Biceps:Three sets.
    CGBP:20x10, 60x5.
    Lateral raises: 8x10x3 - no breaks.
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    Wednesday 29th August - Chest day #2

    BB Bench:20x8, 40x6, 60x4, 80x9, 70x10.
    Dips:10, 10, 10.
    Incline flies: 12.5x12x2, 10x12 (all sets paused)
    CGBP:20x10, 40x5, 60x1.
    Tricep pushdowns: 4x??? (Will start logging the weight again for these)
    Calves:50kg x15x2.
    Lateral raises: 10x10x2, 5x10x2 (used a plate for the 5kg raises)

    Changed gym for the first time so had my first session there today, pretty good considering I had benched only on Monday, so I'll definitely go for 90kg next Monday as I felt that I had to just check the bench there to see if it was alright set up wise. I've noticed I've not been as thorough with my logging but training at this new gym should train that as from Monday onwards I'll be going to one chest day a week and once I hit 100kg for reps again hopefully in two weeks, I'll probably switch to a ramping style for benching.

    Will also be looking for a 3x a week routine that includes all the main lifts.
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    Thursday 30th August 2012 - Deadlift day.

    DL: 60x5, 100x3, 120x1, 170x2. Finally hit the 170kg mark on my last session at my first ever gym for now. Good PB to remember, would have probably tried 180 and have been likely to got it if I hadn't been up eight hours before walking around carrying stuff at work.

    DB row: 20x10, 45x10x3. Equal PB.
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    Plan for next four weeks is as follows:


    BB bench - Get upto 100kg for three reps and then change routine.
    Dips - Start to do more volume on these again. 4x10 looks plausible till I go back to weighted dips.
    BB OHP - 3x5 looks okay, hopefully can get back to where I was at around 60-65kg.
    CGBP-Hoping to get around the 80kg mark here by the end of September.
    Cable pushdowns - Bring the weight down a little on this or try and find a seated dip machine which I find very good for isolating the rear tricep head.
    Incline DB flies - These are giving me elbow tendon issues at the moment, so I may either drop the weight or swap them for flat DB flies.
    Lateral raises - Seem to be working, may try and change the DB for a plate once in a while though.
    Overhead DB tricep extension - Need to be doing more overhead work so a couple of sets of 15-20 should help.
    Calves - 3 sets of 15.


    DL - First week or two, just test out the bars at the new gym after that go straight for a 180kg single.
    Deficit DL - Will be featuring again probably after the 180kg deadlift.
    Chins - Gone rubbish at these and my lats have gone less noticeable as a result, so getting more volume in should fix that.
    DB row - doing well on these, so this should stay the same.
    Rowing variant - Stopped doing these, should bring this back in soon.
    Curls - Probably switch to DBs instead of BBs for a change.
    Power shrug - I'll probably keep these in but I think the new gym would be a good place for farmers walks and lunges.
    Reverse flies - Keep the same, I may add in shoulder dislocations at the start of every workout for general RC health.
    Calves- Three sets of 15.
    Conditioning- Either hitting a tyre with a sledgehammer or flipping the tyre, not done this sort of thing before but should be okay.


    Back squat - 5x5ing will be back till I get somewhere close to 120kgx5x5.
    Leg extension - Not too heavy here but focussing on the contraction. May add in or replace with DB lunges.
    GHRs - In place of leg curls.
    Chins - Will see if I can do many on leg day.
    Calves -Three sets of 15.
    Abs -4/5 sets of 10-15 reps on alternate exercises.
    More conditioning

    May do one day a week of fasted cardio for 30 mins in week four if fat loss slows down a lot.
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    Rest days: Two meals - including 300g+ of veg with 300g chicken, 50g nuts, a can of tuna and sardines/mackarel, 100g of whey, 4 eggs. Fish oil at last meal.

    Training days:Three meals, BCAAs intra workout.

    300g chicken, 150g veg, 200g oats/cereals, 100g whey, 200ml whole milk will be post WO with some maple syrup/honey/chocolate sauce and a fruit yoghurt.

    200g fish fillet, 150g veg. 500ml liquid egg whites.

    300g cottage cheese, 150g berries.

    Will be tough to stick to but should get pretty good results.
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    Do you think having BCAAs helps just as creatine ?
    I had them for awhile but couldn't really tell whether they were working or something else . lol

    How many calories is that ^ ?
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    (Original post by liftorrot)
    Do you think having BCAAs helps just as creatine ?
    I had them for awhile but couldn't really tell whether they were working or something else . lol

    How many calories is that ^ ?
    I didn't really find them that useful but I've got quite a bit left that I want to use up so yeah. Calories and macros I don't really count but I will modify the diet to be around 2600 cals on training days and approximately 2000 cals on rest days.


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