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Help me choose between these four universities please? :)

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    Hey everyone
    I need help choosing what uni to put as firm and what uni as insurance.. I know the final decision should be mine, but your opinion would help me decide because I just really can't!

    I applied for Economics and politics and I got acceptances from the university of Manchester (AAB), Cardiff (AAB), Glasgow (ABB) and Lancaster (AAB)..

    I'm leaning toward Manchester or Glasgow because they have a good international reputation and are good party cities + they are high in the league tables..

    Where should I go? What order would you put them in and why?
    your help would be highly appreciated!

    Thanx a lot x
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    Manchester - Firm

    Glasgow - Insurance

    Good Luck :thumbsup:

    <3 x
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    I'd say Glasgow, but im biased since I live here.
    Its a great city. Good luck!
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    Manch Firm, Lancaster Insurance.
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    Agree with first reply,

    Manchester firm, and then Glasgow insurance.

    Edit: wow, negged twice for agreeing that the first reply was a solid plan in my opinion.
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    Visit both Manchester and Glasgow Universities if you haven't already. If you still like them both (or if you have already visited them both and know you like them both) then you need to decide which you prefer. Put that one as your firm and the other as your insurance.

    If, on the other hand, after visiting you no longer want to go to one or both of those universities then visit Cardiff and/or Lancaster before making a decision.
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    I think you need to visit the universities to see whether you like them and to find out more about the courses.

    I'd initially say Glasgow, because I live here. I can honestly say it's a great city for students! Plus the Glasgow campus is lovely!


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Updated: April 8, 2012

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