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Manchester United vs Queens Park Rangers

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    (Original post by The Baron)
    Can any United fans tell me why Hernandez can't get a game and seems to be behind Welbeck in the pecking order atm?
    (Original post by KingMessi)
    I can see why you're calling for Hernandez, I can never fathom why he doesn't get as much playing time as he deserves. One of the best finishers in the Premier League.
    Not sure about that he's had 24 apps this season and he has been injured and competes with Welbs, Rooney, and Berba for his place.

    I think its more Hernendez is usually just as productive goals wise (thats basically all he adds) if you put him on at 70mins as if he starts. I think Welbeck normally adds more in terms of link up play and defensive work over 90mins. I would imagine Hernandez will be on later, probs score against tired legs.
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    Scholes's ball. :coma: How has Rafael missed that?
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    Scholes is so wonderful. Signing of the season.
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    Jesus.. lol
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    Welbeck needs to go off.
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    How have the Mancs not scored a second yet.
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    **** sake Welbeck is so poor.
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    Welbeck - just don't get the hype, every time he plays he misses piss-easy chances.
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    (Original post by The Baron)
    Can any United fans tell me why Hernandez can't get a game and seems to be behind Welbeck in the pecking order atm?
    Welbeck's a lot better at bringing others into the game, it's particularly noticeable with Rooney whose goalscoring record when playing behind Welbeck is a lot better than playing behind Hernandez. Take the Blackburn game just gone...Hernandez started but we looked a lot more dangerous when Welbeck replaced him. We're a lot more fluid with him because he actually contributes to our passing game and is a lot more varied in his position on the pitch. It's kind of a throwback to the Rooney Tevez partnership.

    Better on the ball, better working the channels and better at pressing which contributed to our defensive game. I think he's a player you need to watch week in week out to appreciate, although i'll admit he has been pretty poor today.
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    wow qpr are holding on better with 10 men than 11 men!

    It's pretty inevitable that united will score anytime.

    but from Mark Hughes perspective, it's good that they've only let in one goal. They know they were gonna loose this but they want to keep the goal difference as low as possible!
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    QPR chief executive Philip Beard on Twitter: "Difficult to take after watching numerous replays but Ashley Young could partner Tom Daley at the Olympics."

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    Brilliant strike.
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    Scholes you beauty!!!
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    Canny goal.
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    Nice shot. Thats what we have needed to be doing all day.
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    ****ing yes! Scholes with the goods!
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    Paul Scholes scores goals!
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    Lets give Pogba some time now . Maybe put Hernandez on too.
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    Taarabt probably deserved to be substituted. Needlessly gave possession away.


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