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Ladies, how do you cope at night during your time of month

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    I'm always too scared to use tampons incase I oversleep! I tend to use a towel but there have been instances when some folded up loo roll has had to suffice... :s
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    Use the extra long and padded ones made for the night time, even better if it has wings. This might be tmi or a bit gross to say but I find giving yourself a sort of wedgie with the towel or wearing tighter underwear also helps.
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    Put a towel down just in case you leak and wear knickers that you don't like.
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    (Original post by Nightstar-27)
    Use the extra long and padded ones made for the night time, even better if it has wings. This might be tmi or a bit gross to say but I find giving yourself a sort of wedgie with the towel or wearing tighter underwear also helps.
    I second the wedgie, sounds disgusting but it works!
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    i just wear the night time pads :dontknow:
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    Night pads, and sleep on a towel just in case. I'm quite lucky with mine but I know a few girls who have awful cramps and pains... :hugs: to you!

    (Original post by IndiaCaitlinn)
    I highly doubt you'll get TSS. Use tampons and it will be a lot more comfortable and you wont leak.
    I wouldn't use tampons to sleep with.
    Better safe than sorry
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    Tampon & then just set an alarm if you're worried about over sleeping
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    Go on the pill, run up to 3 packs back to back. It is safe and then you only get your period every 3 months, and it is usually a lot lighter and less painful than when you weren't on the pill.

    Also use winged long pads..put it on last thing at night, change first thing in the morning. I hate tampons but I'm sure they are great for those that use them lol. Also it is hard to get comfy..but just use old bedsheets, wear pants you don't care about ruining and there you go.

    But yeah, go on the pill if you can. The pros highly outweigh the cons. For me,anyway.

    Mooncups are brilliant, but I would be so grossed out whenever I had to remove it. Oh god,just the thought of it..:eek:
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    MOONCUP ALL THE WAY! I know most of my friends were grossed out by this, but personally I just keep on finding it has more and more benefits.

    So long as it's in properly, the only time it will leak is if it's overflowed, and I find that because you're lying down, not so much actually comes out in the night, it just has a bit of a rush in the morning, so that's no problem. Plus, you can keep it in as long as you like because it doesn't have any issues such as TSS associated with it (however small the risk, I always get rather paranoid about this stuff). I personally like to wear a pad with it at night just in case of any leakage issues (I really hate getting blood on my mattress), but you can wear a thin one, and most of the time it will remain spotless, even if you're really heavy. Plus, if you don't like wearing tampons, then event hough this appears to be much bigger, it's so much more comfy because it's flexible and, so long as you cut off enough of the stick bit to help you pull it out and you put it in porperly (which will take a couple of goes - my first time, I couldn't even get it in), you can''t feel it at all once it's in. I recommend you go mooncup anyway.

    Plus, think of the money you'd save! I probs wouldn't keep mine THAT long, but apparently you can keep it up to 10 years! I've had mine nearly a year and I'd never go back. I had to once because I went away without it and I was really disgruntled.

    And what you'll do for the environment! Throwing away pads and tampons every month by pretty much every woman in the country adds up to rather a lot of pretty gross landfill which takes absolutely ages to go away. AND I've found that a bonus is that it has actually lessened my period pains to a (small) extent. Though, I'm not sure whether or not this affects everybody.

    But, please get a Mooncup? I want a convert! http://www.mooncup.co.uk/
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    Through trail and error over the years I just wear pads at night like I always do, I sleep flat on my back with my legs straight most times. :P By doing this I haven't had any accidents.
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    Always Night pads and 2 pairs of knickers, wear a nice tight pair on top, keeps it all in palce.
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    i dont get periods anymore thanks to the pill im on (which im oh so pleased about). but when i used to be on i was never a fan of tampons either and would use the night time pads with wings and more secure/tighter fitting underwear to sleep in, never had any leaks.
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    I usually wear a tampon and pad. Luckily for me i'm quite a light sleeper so i don't have to set an alarm to get up during the night.
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    In this thread over 9000 guys have a glanced at it but not commented.

    I once saw a thread about something called mooncup. Blew my mind but supposedly it works.
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    Mooncup + sanitary towel and a pair of black shorts.
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    I go through phases of preferring tampons but what I'd sometimes do is just put a towel down.
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    Mooncup Sometimes I wear a panty liner as well if I'm having a month where I'm leaking (most months I'm perfect with the cup, then the odd month I cant get the seal right lol). I also wear pants which I don't normally, just as a line of defence, especially if I'm at the boy's house.
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    I will post, destroying my dignity,to spare all men lurking this thread, wondering wtf is TSS? (i can't be bothered to google..).
    dont be harsh on me
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    use an extra long pads specially for night with wings to prevent any leakage and stain your bed sheet, also add a few layers of tissue/toilet rolls on it to help absorb more of the discharge. If possible, change once during your sleep.


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