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Couple more recent singing vids on Youtube.

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    Hi here are a couple of the more recent music videos i have done on youtube.

    Let me know what you think and if anyone else wants to share theirs too that would be good.

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    First of all thank you for posting your covers on here. It can be difficult to ask people for feedback, but it is an important step for any artist to take. There are a few issues which you may want to take into account. The first is pronunciation. Especially with I dreamed a dream, I need to hear every single sound. For example in the word living, you only really sing 'livin'. In musical songs especially, you have to over pronounce every single sound. The second issue is with regards to your voice. I would ensure that you are properly hydrated before attempting any song. At many points in both songs, I can hear raspiness in the voice and this is probably down to not drinking enough water. Make you that you do before singing. The sound where I couldn't hear that was excellent though. Avoid shouting as there is a sight tendency to do so around 2:20 in I dreamed a dream. Also 'shame' around 1:40 in that song should be a continuous note so you may want to try breathing exercises to control your breathing more to continue those notes. While the sound was good, I didn't feel an emotional connection and so I would allow the full emotion of the song to hit you before you start singing and treat the song as more than just words to be sung. I also think that you ought to give more gusto to the songs. They're powerful songs so show that with your voice.

    Great song choices and some good results, but it's about refining your voice now.

    I look forward to hearing more of your covers,

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    As I have commented before, really not an exceptional voice. Slightly childish, lacking in passion, body, and diction needs to be improved. The vibrato of your voice is not particularly well developed either.


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Updated: July 9, 2013
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