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Who's going for gill street on the 14th may?

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    Just seeing who is gonna try for gill street when we can apply for accommodation on the 14th may
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    Was thinking about it , I mean they're decent looking flats but I probably can't afford over £120 a month.
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    was considering either gill street or goldsmiths, but i've done all my exams already (had a year out) and will be applying early if going for gill street. It is a bit expensive to be honest =/...
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    i'm thinking about applying! but yeah it is more expensive than the rest...
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    Ive had a change of heart and going for sandby now haha, purely because of the social side, like 14 rooms per flat as supposee to 6 at gill street or whatever it is
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    Is it good having that many per flat?

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Updated: May 15, 2013
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