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WJEC: French A2

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    Hey everyone!

    Basically I've been revising for my upcoming french oral, and i'm happy with most topics (sort of, hate orals lol)

    But I realised we haven't done anything in class about 'les nouvelles technologies' and i've just done a bit on it because it's on revision sites. However it's not even mentioned on the main French A2 page for our college. Is it even a topic studied with WJEC?

    Thanks, and good luck to everyone else doing it!
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    I read somewhere that it was, but we've been taught next to nothing about it in my college!
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    I'd assume it's just stuff like iPods and Twitter and the like. I don't think we've been taught anything about it either.

    There's an examiner's report from 2009(when the syllabus was different) and there was an essay in the written paper on Les nouvelles technologies back then. The report says:
    L’importance des nouvelles technologies: here anything to do with new technology could have been discussed. Many went for the Internet, mobile phone, Mp3, iPod and so on but many of these answers were ‘generic’ rather than specific to France… but adventurous candidates decided to discuss l’énergie nucléaire, les découvertes en médecine, les nouveaux transports, many relating these specifically to France.
    So if that still applies, then it doesn't sound too bad.
    It may be that it used to be a topic, but isn't any more(hence why it would still be included in textbooks). :dontknow:
    Since it isn't specifically on the list of topics in the current specification, I wouldn't worry too much.


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