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Starting GTP in Sep, what books to buy?

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    I'm starting a GTP in September and wondered if anyone had any recommendations for pre course reading? I'm looking to buy a book or two to read over the summer that will hopefully help me be better prepared.


    Hi, sorry I can't answer your question but I was just wondering how you got your GTP place?

    Am I right in thinking that you have to find a school who will support your application, then the decision will go to your council regarding funding?

    For my PGCE I was given a reading list so that mght help you. I went to my library and found they had some of the books i needed to read too so might save you some money.

    Im doing secondary so they might not be all useful but I reccommend the first two so much they are fantastic!!
    Getting the buggers to behave - Sue Crowley
    How to Teach - Beadle
    Teachers tool kit - Paul Ginnis
    Learning to Teach in the secondary school - Susan Capel

    The rest of the books I was reccommended were all specific to my specialist subject.


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Updated: April 14, 2012
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