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Halls and Where I Live

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    Hi, I've applied to Kingston University and wish to stay in Halls. Yet there is a policy of not getting halls if you live within a 15 mile radius of Kingston station. Unfortunately though, I live 13.5 miles away according to Google Maps and living at home isn't really an option for me.

    Is anybody else experiencing this and if so what have you done about it.
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    most uni's have a similar policy that you can't be within a certain distance. I know Kingston is better than some uni's for accommodation. There is a lot of private in Kingston, if you are lucky you can get cheap and speak to second/third years. However I would guess they will be trying to get the cheap houses.

    Look on their accommodation website.
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    I can safely say that you definitely won't get halls to start with...I live over 200 miles from Kingston and I didn't get halls and it was my firm choice and I applied for accommodation the first day you could. The only way you might get halls is if you commute for the first couple of months and be put on the waiting list for halls as rooms do become available and I know a few people who commuted who managed to get halls by christmas.
    If you don't want to commute look for a house, most estate agents have said that they don't advertise student houses until May/June so you've got plenty of time to try and find other people to live with.
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    I'm going to pitch in and say that you will get a place at halls - but probably after students have dropped out during October. As long as you get your application in for halls now, you'll be prioritised - not to mention that you're not too far from the cut-off distance. Just be patient and you will get a place.
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    Sorry to drop in like this but I've been accepted on my course but haven't yet received any info about applying to halls??? I'm still waiting to hear from one other uni so can't officially accept my place but I don't want to loose out just because of that!
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    Hi, I'm at Kingston Uni at the moment, and had exactly the same problem, however I made the mistake of getting private student accommodation. Whilst it may seem like the easy option, and I don't know if other people have had the same experience, but I really wouldn't recommend it! I have had so many complications with where I live, and the rent is far too expensive. What I'd recommend instead is looking online for places to live, probably around june if you're looking to move september. Kingston are really good as they have several forums where you can meet other students if you don't want to live alone. http://extranet.kingston.ac.uk/stude...equestform.asp if you use that link sign up to the student to student noticeboard - very useful, especially when you're added to the Facebook page as people post about places they've already found etc.


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