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Part time job vs studying for A-Levels

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    Im really not sure wether to ask for time off, or if not possible quit altogether because I am too tired at weekends after work when i try to work. If you had to quit as no other option , would you?
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    Reduce the number of hours worked? I found working 4h sat + sun too much, I changed to working 9am-1pm saturdays only and booking holidays during exam seasons
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    I did both simultaneously. It depends how much you can handle, but do ask yourself, can you manage this?
    If you can, prepare yourself with no life. It's doable and achievable if your naturally good at your subjects.
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    I have had various jobs throughout my A-Levels and have just started a new one. It can be tiring, but talk to your manager. In my previous jobs I have kept to a small amount of hours (Usually 4 on a Saturday and/or a Sunday) as it suited me. I would bump this up to around 16 hours in the holidays. It does mean you don't get paid an incredible amount, but I think having a job whilst studying benefits you greatly. Earning your own money and proving that you're a hardworker
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    I agree with above. I work 12 hours a week which isn't that much and I was considering giving up, but then I realised I would be bored stiff this summer as I'd have nothing to do! Don't quit your job, as I think you'll regret it just try and book time off during the exam period!
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    I work on Sunday 830 to 430 as my main job, then I volunteer every other saturday morning and do some stuff in the week, I seem to be managing alright
    I think it just depends on the person, talk to your manager about it, and if they can not do anything try to get a different job? There are many options, but I wouldn't sacrifice school as one of them.
    Id recommend you wouldn't quit school, your A-Levels will most likely help you in the future, and you may regret the decision in the future.
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    (Original post by Glen_Nichols)
    Reduce the number of hours worked? I found working 4h sat + sun too much, I changed to working 9am-1pm saturdays only and booking holidays during exam seasons
    I agree.
    I know quite a few people where i work have reduced their hours during exam time.
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    I am currently studying my GCSE's on a full time course with 17.5 class hours. I also study a science subject via distance learning so this had to be completed completely by independent study.

    I was unemployed when I started college in September, having just left a full time job to study at college; so I was eager to find another job ASAP. I received a job offer to work for a local supermarket as a temporary Christmas worker, with the possibility of becoming full time. Since November until about 2 weeks ago, I was working 20 hours a week.

    I found it a bit difficult to manage if I am honest, as I didn't have much free time for myself and I of course had to complete college work outside class, at home. I worked 2 evenings, an afternoon and a whole Sunday shift. I would not advise it.

    It put extra pressure on me at exam time and partly due to some poor time management by me, but majorly due to working 20 hours, I will probably have to resit my Mathematics exam as I felt I just didn't have the time to prepare.

    It took me 3 months to reduce my work rota by one shift, so if you are wanting to cut your hours then I would advise you to inform your manage as soon as possible. If you are in a position where a job is not necessary and you find it is damaging your grades, I would just quit. Your grades are more important than supplementary income.
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    Hello, I worked 15+ hours a week for AS exams, got shocking results -BCCC. Gave up my job, worked hard for January and got AAABB in those exams. It depends on what you can do, I've worked all my life and throughout GCSE's but for A Levels I need those additional hours to revise.

    Whatever you decide, good luck
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    I work 14 hours a week and I manage fine! To be fair I do maths related a levels that don't need as much revision as some other subjects, but before your exams you get study leave and that leaves plenty of time for revision - also you should get holiday. But then again I know some friends who've had Saturday jobs and really couldn't cope. I'd say it depends on the a levels you're doing and how focused you are, on my days off work I sit down and revise the whole day to catch up on the time I've lost but I know some people can only revise in small chunks. If worst comes to worst then school should come before a part time job.
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    Thanks for all the advice. I need 3 A's and ive already acheived 2 as i am a repeat student , so i need an A from four tests in RE.


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