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Looking for a gap year/summer partner!

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    My name is Ben Eagland. I am currently in the Early stages of planning a trip around and about the Mediterranean via the medium of Kayaking! I currently work as a low ranking manager in a supermarket and am completely bored stiff! So rather than continuing my drudging day job and whilst I decide what I want to do with the rest of my life, I am hoping to do something exciting and life enriching.

    I recently split from my long term girlfriend and rather than sitting moping in our flat..(now my flat…) Decided to walk to Swansea for Cancer Research UK. Was about 180Miles all in and I managed it in just under 6 days and without a shadow of doubt was the best thing I’ve ever done. It really gave me the traveling bug! So I am now planning a longer and more challenging trip for this summer. I did my previous walk alone, but this time im really hoping to do this with someone else. As I am looking to spend 1month-4months doing it. And I would rather not spend it talking to myself!

    So this is my appeal for a partner! (male/female, tall/short, really not fussed! Just under 35!) I am really flexible about the timings of this, even the destination and activity is up for compromise! So any advice for finding someone would be MASSIVELY appreciated! But if you are or know someone who might be interested! Let us know!


    Still places left! Not too late!!
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    No takers?

    (Original post by BenjEag)
    No takers?

    PM me if you're still looking for someone!

    Me too! PM if you're still looking

    If I wasn't a lowly first year I would join! But good luck
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    Bump! =]

    Alright Ben,
    I'm a Y13 student who has left it really late to organise a gap year and pretty much all my friends have decided to go off to uni. The gap year you've described sounds awesome, so PM me if you're still looking for someone to go with.
    Cheers, Mark


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