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Rank Your GCSES in order of Enjoyability

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    (Original post by luke)
    Haha, :') I got the "1 = enjoyable, 5 = not enjoyable" the wrong way round. >.<
    I HATE Business Studies, and really like Maths When you say you're taking it next you do you mean the GCSE equivalent or AS-Level?
    GCSE Equivalent-that would be a big jump if it was A-Level.

    I am going back and do my GCSE's this year and i will just rank the subjects that i will be doing in order since I didn't find anything fun back when I first done them! lol.

    Maths - 1
    History - 2
    English - 3
    ICT - 4
    Learning for Life and Work - 5

    Who keeps giving a negative rating to people who put Geography last!?
    I will set the evil looking man from my childhood favourite program on you! :fatcontroller:

    1) History
    2) Chemistry
    3) Biology

    :confused:Average, but I get to chat with friends: :confused:
    4) English Language
    5) English Literature
    6) Maths

    Bad, but with friends:
    7) RS
    8) ICT
    9) Welsh

    :eek:Another league of awfulness::eek:
    10) Spanish (absolute torture)

    (Original post by Dalek1099)
    GCSE Equivalent-that would be a big jump if it was A-Level.
    Well then in that case I really like Further Maths and recommend you do it if you enjoy Maths although I would only recommend doing it if you really want to and will happily revise for it amongst your other subjects in May/June. We finished our Maths GCSE in November 2011 and everyone who got an A or A* was put in the Further Maths set. We had the Non-Calculator paper today and of the 50 people who sat it, about 45 will get less than 15/70 because they could only answer 2 or 3 questions on the paper. However the 5 or so who actually revised think they got between 45 and 60 / 70. I was one of those who did revise and feel I did well enough for around 55/70. For me, the hard stuff isn't the new topics, as they are pretty basic questions as the exam board know these are new. The hard stuff is the extension of A* GCSE questions. Like a 4 mark question about circle theorems where you have to use the alternate segment twice.

    What a waste of time this thread is.

    1. Theology & Philosophy
    2. English
    3. Art
    4. Biology
    5. French
    6. History
    7. Latin
    8. Maths
    9. Chemistry

    1. Business Studies
    2. Biology
    3. English language
    4. Geography
    5. Maths
    6. History
    7. English Lit
    8. Physics
    9. RE
    10. Chemistry
    11. ICT

    I did mine last year, but my order of enjoyability was as follows:

    1) Chemistry :love:
    2) Maths- my teacher made me sit next to my friend to bully him into working, and we didn't get much done most of the time as he was normally too busy annoying me! :lol: But when he did allow me to work, we worked well as a team. :yes:
    3) Biology :loveduck:
    4) History :^_^:
    5) English literature
    6) Physics
    7) RE
    8) English Language :security:
    9) Art. :whip2:

    1. Maths
    2. German
    3. Economics
    4. Russian
    5. History
    6. Latin Lang.
    7. Physics
    8. RE
    9. Latin Lit.
    10. Biology
    11. English Lang.
    12. Chemistry
    13. English Lit.

    1. History
    2. Science
    3. Maths
    4. French
    5. ICT
    6. Additional Science
    7. Food Tech
    8. English Lit
    9. RE
    10. English Lang
    11. PE
    12. Geography


    (Original post by ~*Holly*~)
    1) History
    2) Chemistry
    3) Biology
    Much love for history! <3

    4.Additional science
    5.Core science
    6.Triple science
    8.English (lang and Lit)

    Am I the only one? LOL

    1. Maths
    2. English Language and Literature
    3. Geography
    4. Latin
    5. Chemistry
    6. Biology
    7. Physics
    8. French (hated the subject but my French teacher was EPIC. And taught Jodie marsh )
    9. History
    10 + 11. (double award) Engineering -tbh year 10 was fun because it was a doss but then we got into year 11 and realised we had less than a year to do 2 GCSEs worth of coursework and our teacher had no idea what we were doing either because we were the pilot year for this course >.<

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    Never knew it was possible to enjoy your GCSE's

    (Original post by M4LLY)
    Never knew it was possible to enjoy your GCSE's
    well you can normally enjoy at least one GCSE and the thread doesn't state that but merely asks which GCSEs you enjoyed the most/hated the least.

    I'm at A-levels now
    -Biology 4.
    -Maths 1.
    -Further Maths 1.
    -Chemistry 2.
    -English Literature 1.
    -Philosophy 1.
    (dropping biology, so it's all good)

    At GCSE:

    -Core Science 2.
    -Add.Science 2.
    -Maths 3. (didnt enjoy it then)
    -German 1.
    -Philosophy 1.
    -Religious Studies 2.
    -ICT 5.
    -Geography 1. (really regret not taking it at a level)
    -History 1.
    -English Literature 1.
    -English language 2.

    1. Geography, class& teacher.
    2. Textiles
    3. Art
    4. Spanish
    ^ these are also the subjects I took onto a level
    5. IT
    6. Biology
    7. Physics
    8. English
    9. Chemistry

    This was posted from The Student Room's iPhone/iPad App

    1 - Music
    2 - physics
    3 - English Literature
    4 - History
    5 - Maths
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    i dont mind which way you rank them whether that be in order or in the way i have done where you rank them.


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