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Happiest you've ever been playing a videogame? ‎

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    CoD 4 mile high club.

    Finishing that last level was awesome
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    When i defeated the first boss in Dark Cloud and got to the next village. I was about 8, and so happy :') it's an old RPG ps2 game, released in 2000. I remember how happy I was when i completed the whole game.
    still play it now when i feel nostalgic hehe
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    Even though I love Pokemon to bits, I never actually completed Blue (elite 4 wise) for quite a few years. Through those years, I started playing Gold/Silver (beat Elite 4 easily in it) and Ruby/Sapphire (I beat the Elite 4 there quickly too).

    Actually, I didn't beat the Elite 4 of my Pokemon Blue until I was around 15/16.
    Even though I had taken so long (mainly due to my parents having rules about how long I could play my gameboy for per day and newer games creeping into my tiny hands.)

    Still. That moment when Professor Oak congratulates you and rips his Grandson a new one almost made me cry because of how long it had taken me.

    Though actually, my best memory has to be catching my first pokemon and then not realising I had to press START and save my game before turning off. Sure, it probably should have been sad, but it was my 8th birthday, we were going to have Chinese (which I still remember tasting AWESOME) It was one of the best days of my life.
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    All 150+ hours of Skyrim I amassed in a scarily short period of time.
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    Finally beating Sephiorth in Kingdom Hearts.

    Or another less speciifc moment is when I really get into a game and just feel compelled to play until it's finish.
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    (Original post by CB91)
    I wouldn't say im happy at a game too often, but plenty of times something has happened in a game that has forced me to stop playing because ive been laughing so much.

    Actually, there are four moments that stick out for me. The first is when John Marston meets his family again in RDR. The second one is the ending Assassin's Creed Revelations. Whilst Revelations was a bit of a disappointment on the whole, the ending was done really well I thought. The way it wrapped up both the Ezio and Altair story lines, as well as seeing Ezio finally happy after years of fighting and losing everyone he cared about, was rather nice. The only downside was you then knew that you'd never play as either of them again. The third is when I first beat the Pokemon League on Pokemon Red. And the last one is from a year or two ago when I bought Sonic 1, 2, 3 & Knuckles on the XBL Arcade. I originally had the MegaDrive versions when I was a kid but I never completed them, or really understood what was going on. Finally completing them was fantastic. :love:
    I cried at the end of creed, why altair whyyyy did you die!!!
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    Kirby on the GameBoy Advance :grin:
    Such a beautiful game!
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    (Original post by Thrug)
    Winning HoH for me
    Oh yeah, this. When you're just a bunch of friends who decided to try out a gimmick (like sniping with 3 rangers) and you just obliterate those korean teams.

    Man, good times. Can't wait for GW2.
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    (Original post by hbk4894)
    finally completing Bloons.

    and I really enjoyed running over people in GTA and Saints Row 2 ;D
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    Portal. I sat and watched my housemate trying to beat GLaDOS in the final level (I'd watched her play most of the game over a few days, and spent a lot of time laughing because she'd end up in the infinite loop situation or she'd attempt the same jump 100 times and miss EVERY TIME). She took hours to try to do the final level and then I was like hey I'll try - took me 10 minutes. Laughed so hard. XD
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    (Original post by Tulian)
    Catching the frog in Sonic Adventure 1 with Big the Cat whilst fishing. Found it the hardest thing to do at the time =/ .
    Oh my god this was my everest - why was it so hard!?
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    finally getting through victory road - any pokemon game
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    Most happiest moment for me has to be playing GTA 3 for the first time round my friends house... It was wet and miserable outside that day, just like it is on the game, was awesome xD
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    (Original post by Brit_Miller)
    When I finally beat Penance in FFX. Hardest optional boss ever!
    I second this, the feeling of beating him after about 40 hours of farming spheres etc just to get my stats high enough. Also the fact that the battle itself took about 45 mins.
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    First time out the vault in fallout 3

    first time massacring a village in skyrim as a werewolf

    finishing the water temple and the forest temple in ocarina of time.

    defeating Ganondorf at the end of ocarina of time.

    any time playing halo3 or halo 2 on XBL
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    Earning my first 100M on Runescape as a complete f2p'er Went on to make a max of 530M with 1188 total lvl
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    (Original post by deano0417)
    I second this, the feeling of beating him after about 40 hours of farming spheres etc just to get my stats high enough. Also the fact that the battle itself took about 45 mins.
    I must have had 135 hours playing time after finishing that.
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    (Original post by hassi94)
    Oh my god this was my everest - why was it so hard!?
    Glad i'm not the only one who found this hard!
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    Escaping that water monster in Amnesia and then hearing this:

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    Probably the best yet, beating POKEMON YELLOW!!!


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