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Happiest you've ever been playing a videogame? ‎

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    When I finally mastered at least one of M.Bison's special moves on Street Fighter EX Plus Alpha. God, it took me forever. Street Fighter was way harder than Tekken back in the day, but it's still my favourite out of the two.
  2. Online

    Probably,when I was playing my fake tournaments on Pro Evolution-Playing both sides.Also,on LMA Manager where you swap goalkeepers,when they are attacking, and the opposition score.
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    Coming back from a losing situation in an online Fifa game is always a good feeling, especially when your team has a lesser rating than your opponent's
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    not happiest but it was pretty funny
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    Coming home from a day of school bullying to lose myself in the dystopian, futuristic world that is Half Life 2. A world where my wildest dreams of being a top scientist that saves the world with advanced tech rather than being that nerd laughed at in class came true. Emerging from the tunnel back into civilization with brooding electric guitars in the background after the hell that was Ravenholm was the pinnacle of bliss for me.
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    (Original post by hbk4894)
    just thought i would start this thread considering how well the angriest you have got is doing , so when have you been happiest playing a video game?

    mine would be when me and a mate were playing Fifa (cant remember which one) and we were 1-0 down with about 10 mins to go , we got to 1-1 , then we were starting to get annoyed as we pushed for the winner , it was corner and it got turned away and my mate was really annoyed just smashed the ball really powerfully into the net , we cheered for a bit after that.
    Got 3rd age from a cluescroll in runescape.

    Yep. I'm cool.
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    Playing Child of Eden with a kinect. It made me feel like a wizard.
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    I've never been much of a gamer but went through a phase of loving my PS1 when I was about 10. I remember sitting there playing Rayman being really happy, and looking forward to getting home from school to play on it. I know it's not the same kind of games as most people like haha but I was only 10 so let me off .
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    The happiest I can remember being is when I beat Lucia at Table Tennis on Wii Sports Resort. It took me hours... :nothing: I broke a lamp because I was swinging so violently.
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    The first time I locked the creepy butler in the fridge on Lara Croft :moon:
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    (Original post by Miss Mary)
    I remember I was literally shaking when I got to the point where you have to beat Gary, right at the end.... The first time I failed, second time I won and I was like "I DID IT!! I'M A POKEMON MASTER!!!"
    Oh the times
    then you discover it's not really over, and you must go catch mewtwo....

    For me, as a a child, when i caught Lugia on pokemon crystal with a random pokeball at the start of the encounter, made me smile. Also liked meeting `Red` at Mt Silver...Ohh and getting my blaziken to level 100 on Ruby

    More recently, Littlebigplanet 2 never fails to make me smile!
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    Seeing Sephiroth shatter into a million pieces after 5 years of trying to kill him D:
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    For me it would be playing RDR and JC2 for the first time. I can't decide which was more satisfying but both took my breath away due to the potential achieved in these open-world sandbox games.

    If GTA was your happiest moment gaming then you need to 'get out more' in the world of gaming. Of course, if killing prostitutes gets you high then so be it. :cool:
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    God of War games, during the scenes with the lovelies

    Also, when I finally got all the medals on Ace Combat 5. My life was complete.
  15. Offline

    Completing Super Mario Land 1 on the original gameboy.

    Completing Super Aleste on the SNES.
  16. Offline

    On GTA Vice City cruising along in a white Infernus listening to one of either VROCK, Flash FM or Emotion 98.3
  17. Offline

    The most contented I've been was when playing the Sims 1, building a house. The piano music was amazing and I love creating.

    The most awe-inspired I've been at a game was when playing Heavy Rain - it's such an immersive game.
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    (Original post by kog)
    then you discover it's not really over, and you must go catch mewtwo....

    For me, as a a child, when i caught Lugia on pokemon crystal with a random pokeball at the start of the encounter, made me smile. Also liked meeting `Red` at Mt Silver...Ohh and getting my blaziken to level 100 on Ruby

    More recently, Littlebigplanet 2 never fails to make me smile!
    Catching Lugia used to be impossible for me, damn thing always used to flee after just one turn! :bawling:

    EDIT: Oops, I'm thinking of Latios... silly me lol :facepalm:
  19. Offline

    It has to be one of the last minute goals I've scored on Fifa. Especially against a jammy **** who was sending abusive messages during the match.
  20. Offline

    finally completing Bloons.


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Updated: July 27, 2012
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