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To those who haven't started revising yet.

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    Just curious to see if I am the only one or not. I have a grand total of eight exams starting on the 15th of May. I also have to self teach two units before then which I have never looked at before.

    Anyone else who hasn't started yet? (motivation seems to be my problem, not the difficulty of the work itself)
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    Done bits and pieces but not firing on all cylinders yet. I am also struggling with motivation. Got 8 exams too.
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    You gon' fail
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    same ive got 5 and i just cant bring myself to look at the revision
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    I have 6, gotta teach myself 2 units of chemistry but I just can't be bothered at times
    Need to motivate myself
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    (Original post by calumsteele1)
    same ive got 5 and i just cant bring myself to look at the revision
    (Original post by iLoveRobSwire<3)
    I have 6, gotta teach myself 2 units of chemistry but I just can't be bothered at times
    Need to motivate myself
    i have 11....
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    I'm taking A-level Maths and still need to begin to look at M1, C3, C4 and half of C2. Getting fairly solid in my C1 stuff though?
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    2 x History
    2 x Sociology
    1 x Psychology
    1 x English Literature

    First exam on the 15th May.
    Last exam on the 29th May.

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    I have 6 and I'm kind of revising which is just no where near good enough.

    first exam 15/05/2012

    Last 22/06/2012(My BDAY)
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    i haven't started either
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    I love this thread. Everyday passes like so:
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    I have 6 but most of mine are in mid june so i'm gonna start after the easter holidays. don't have the motivation to do it at the moment anyway so it's the best strategy tbh.
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    4 exams from 31 May - 20 June
    also bits and bobs
    nothing serious yet
    (in A2)
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    (Original post by digestives)
    I love this thread. Everyday passes like so:
    Thats my life in a meme.
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    I started last week but I'm still on the same subject (English) and going very slowly. I'd better try to pick up the pace a bit this week.
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    I haven't started properly but all my exams are two weeks apart, and I'm a cramming reviser so I'll cram for 2 weeks, its how I did well last year so don't knock it.
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    I'm starting next week or the week after. I've got 3 exams and I alreay know about 1/3 of the content for each of them so I'm not too worried
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    My attitude is that there is no 'starting' revision - you are revising constantly throughout the year. You just need to gradually increase the amount of work you do and change the focus to exam prep rather than learning. If you have trouble starting, this attitude might help.
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    I'm still about half way through teaching myself FP3, haven't started any revision yet. Only done one chapter of the 6 in S4, might not do the exam. I don't actually need it anyway, it's my 15th maths module.

    C1, C4, FP2, FP3, S4, M2, G495 are the exams I'm taking.
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    (Original post by dellprinter)
    i have 11....
    may god have mercy on you soul sir.

    whys this getting negged?:s


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Updated: May 12, 2014
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