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To those who haven't started revising yet.

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    Yeah I haven't. To be honest, I think other than revision about 2 weeks before the exam (ie. cramming useless information), lessons provide enough time to revise well.
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    Yes, even took revision to the hotel my mum's wedding was happening at :P
    Not a desperate overachiever, just anxious :P
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    (Original post by ElizM_94)
    Ah serious? That's really intriguing. So are you British/english or are you actually from Denmark?
    lol That is odd that they require maths but maybe because of the complex problem solving nature of the subject? lol
    British/English with a Danish boyfriend. :p:
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    (Original post by ROYP)
    Go for it
    See you in August, lovely
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    (Original post by Kravez)
    Just curious to see if I am the only one or not. I have a grand total of eight exams starting on the 15th of May. I also have to self teach two units before then which I have never looked at before.

    Anyone else who hasn't started yet? (motivation seems to be my problem, not the difficulty of the work itself)
    I am in the exact same position as you! Agggghhhh :eek:
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    i have 9 exams and have done 8 hours a day so far just got to do it my motivation i dont want to wake up on 18th of may going i havent done enough revision.
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    (Original post by Kalliope)
    See you in August, lovely
    Haha I look forward to it. Just to be clear I'm not wishing failure on anyone. I just felt like scaring the OP
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    Till now, I've just been organising my notes, catching up on work that I've missed. However proper revision will being on Monday - It'll give me about 5 weeks to revise and that's plentiful.
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    Im in your position, I did such little work in class thinking i'd do it all in easter, i've read a revision guide for 2 sections of c1, I have 8 exams! C1/C2/S1, Econ1/2, Computing unit 1/2 and psychology :L!
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    (Original post by anixa019)
    I have 15
    i havent started learning my course, forget revising
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    yeah, 7 exams, one of which is an AS in may/june
    I've started the may revision around 3/.4 hours a day but the exams in June are ages away at the minute.... Plus I need a rest as well
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    I have not done no revision. Motivation = nil


    make a 5-6min short film.. and all planning materials oh dear
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    I have five exams, starting on 30th April.
    I'm starting revision today. I'm not starting the serious revision today though, that starts tomorrow. Today I revise while I watch tv.
    Really can't be bothered, I have absolutely no motivation.
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    (Original post by Contrad!ction.)
    It's not that, I just seem to rely too much on my calculator for little things, my multiplication's atrocious and I tend to just type stuff in instead of thinking about it.

    Stuff like 7x8 takes me too long
    That's not really a problem though if you always have access to a calculator.
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    I have four exams all in June, I guess I'm going light revision?

    I'm up to date on all my notes so just need to read through them and learn them properly. Don't really want to start past papers just yet.
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    (Original post by When you see it...)
    That's not really a problem though if you always have access to a calculator.
    I want to make sure I don't rely on a calculator though.
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    (Original post by Nayom1)
    ^^ This

    I've got 4 exams (3 A2, 1 AS)
    I have 6 A2 exams! Urgh, I hope I find some sort of motivation soon - even telling myself that I won't get into university isn't doing anything :confused:.
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    So I've done most of my notes now; I just can't find it in myself to start the past papers.

    SO...MANY...QUESTIONS :bawling:
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    i got 16 papers..haven't start revising
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    (Original post by Fward)
    Well it depends on how you are defining it...If you mean I'm taking your stupid comments as a joke, then yes I am; but if you mean I am dumb, think again.
    Wow I thought you were trolling but you really don't recognise the colloqualism "gon'" as a slang replacement for "gonna" or "going to" I actually facepalmed.


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