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Mancini wants an even bigger squad . . Again.

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    (Original post by daviesblue)

    Just read this, and i have come to the realisation he won't be happy until he has all the premier leagues best players. I really hope City miss out on the title now, before this i had been all for City beating United, but Mancini has just proved to me what a fool he is, absolutely incapable of being a top manager if he believes his squad lacks quality in depth. I would love to see what he says about the teams like Everton and Bolton, maybe in his world, they have a vast array of footballing talent.

    Be interesting to see what City fans think of this. Are they as blind as he is, are they sat rubbing their hands together at the prospect of signing 2 more world class strikers for their reserves.
    Ye cas you're someone to talk ... a Chelsea fan in Manchester. Mug.

    Mancini should be grateful for the quality he has in his squad. Most managers would chop their arm off just to have a David Silva, Toure in their side. He needs to look at himself in terms of management faults, look at Moyes at Everton, hardly got much of a budget yet still consistently gets his side in the top of the half of the league. How? Good management and focus. Doesn't bleed on about wanting more players and funds.

    Mancini needs to learn to rotate and use the squad he has at his disposal. Best way to do that is do what SAF has done over the years, which is thinking of your line up for the next few games on the trot and maybe then Silva wouldn't be looking like he's wishing he is on a beach in Spain.

    People say about Silva and having not rotated him but you look at a Mancini purchase. James Milner. Excellent in an attacking, creative role for Villa but he has been sapped of any confidence at City.

    I'd ration that Mancini needs to sort out his rotating system first before piling more players into his squad.
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    (Original post by Skill)
    Ye cas you're someone to talk ... a Chelsea fan in Manchester. Mug.
    You do know location doesnt mean where you grew up? Idiot.

    When you order to have your multi-million pound players jog around a hotel lobby as a pre session warm up, you don't deserve to win the league.

    if city get modric i will cry
    it will be another waste of talent nasri was one to start with


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