what films have made you cry?

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    Never cried, but a couple that got me close was Marley and Me and The Green Mile.

    There are loads! But in particular, these three: The Notebook, Titanic and Ghajini.

    A serbian film.
    I was in tears of laughter the whole way through.

    I don't think I've cried at a film before but Disney films can be quite hard hitting. Haha
    The lion king, The hunchback of Notredame, Dumbo, The fox and the hound... all have really sad scenes

    i don't really cry at films, especially nowadays.

    but the last film that made me cry was 'lilo and stitch' when i was about 11. i remember the line that got me was him saying 'my name is stitch'. made me sob like a baby hehe....

    The fox and the hound, The lion king, Dumbo, Toy story 3, Watership down, Stepmom, My girl, Marley and me....

    I've never cried, but the ending of Blue Valentine almost had me. Shocked that neither Michelle Williams or Ryan Gosling won an Oscar for their performances, it's an amazing film.

    With one or two exceptions; I've cried at every film I've watched. I'm just so emotional! :cry:

    <3 x

    Haven't every cried at a film though felt like crying after watching The Pianist

    Grave of the Fireflies even thinking about it makes me sad.

    American History X... the ending is powerful.

    It's the only film i have ever cried at though.

    The only film I've ever cried at was Cool Runnings, when they get back up, carrying the sled, such a great moment!

    I cry in all sad films, the most pathetic one was when Dobby died in HP7 part 1, lol. It's not as bad as my other friends, we were watching titanic and a few of them cried just at the music and through the whole film!

    My Sister's Keeper. Omg :sad:

    P.S. I Love You.

    The Notebook and My sister's keeper !

    The film that came close to making me cry was The Last Samurai. The ending was just so perfect.

    Star Wars Ep III, when the Jedi are betrayed.
    300, the final fight scene when the spartans fight it out to the death
    American History X, the ending.
    Jack (Robin Williams), very emotional towards the end when he comes to terms with his accelerated death.
    The Iron Giant (!)
    The Lion King

    The Hangover
    Yeah, that's right

    Closest I've ever got was at the end of Toy Story 3. Determined not to cry, I held it in until the film was over. Got to the toilets to find there were several blokes wiping tears from their eyes. Was kinda funny.


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