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what films have made you cry?

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    Dont really cry when watching a film but 'The curious case of benjamin button' had me completely gone. Oh and the end of LOTR.
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    (Original post by AndrewWong92)
    Pokemon the movie where Ash sacrificeshimself to stop Mew and Mewtwo fighting then all the other pokemon started crying!
    haha the funniest thing i have heard all day
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    Life is Beautiful is deff a tear jerker.
    Hachiko the Story of a Dog
    UP - The bit at the beggining where the wife dies (very sad sequence)
    im sure there are lots more but none are comming to mind atm :/
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    Brokeback Mountain
    The Last Song ... I cried at the book too.
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    Titanic, Rent, Boy in the Striped Pajamas, Brokeback Mountain, Hunger Games, Harry Potter . . . doesn't take much :P
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    It didn't make me cry, but I did experience an immense feeling of melancholy for about a week or so after watching Once Upon A Time In America.
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    Not a film really, but Dr. Watson's scenes at the end of The Reichenbach Fall brought me very close.
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    (Original post by Sapphire33)
    what films have made you cry? for me it Remember the Titans, it delivered such a powerful message.
    The Notebook

    and Disaster Movie....it was horrendously bad :zomg:
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    Marley and Me
    The Colour Purple
    Toy Story 3

    But TV shows make me more emotional D:
    Being Human Series 4 finale
    Glee season 2 'funeral'.

    I was an emotional wreck when these two episodes aired :'(
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    Weirdly, I've watched Taken twice and both times the ending brought me very close to tears. When they are finally re-united it's just amazing, after having seen the whole journey he went on to save his daughter.

    Also, Toy-Story 3 got me and I felt embarrassed so I quickly wiped a tear away and tried my hardest to be strong. The ending is so sad. The rest of it had me in stitches though, and I really embarrassed my (ex) girlfriend as I burst out laughing so often, even when it wasn't one of the funniest moments.
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    Cried so much watching Pans Labyrinth my face actually hurt.
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    gladiator where the lady said to maximus "go to them" and nearly with the lonely bones. :bawling:
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    When I was a kid I remember I cried at ''Shrek'', the scene when Fiona became 'ugly'. Also at ''Stuart Little'' when the mouse family took him away. I was totally broken-hearted. xD

    I tend to cry over movies a lot, sometimes even the happy endings make me shed a tear or two.
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    The ending of seven pounds
    didnt want will smith to die!!
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    Only film to make me teary was Marley & Me - Made me upset because of the death of my dog a few months prior to watching the film
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    Titanic...seeing it tommorow! bringing my tissues! :cry:
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    - Titanic
    - Marley & Me
    - Shindlers List

    I think it's because there all based on real events, it makes it so much more emotional!
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    Radio Flyer, without a doubt.
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    Toy story 3 (at the end; my mates were laughing at me :'))
    Lion king (Mufasa dying)
    The last harry potter (snape's memories)
    Green street hooligans

    EDIT: i forgot American History X


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