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what films have made you cry?

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    Don't usually cry with films but the following are exceptions: the blind side..suprising I had to wipe a few tears within the first half hr, the pursuit of happyness and p.s i love you

    I'm a guy and:

    Click at the end when he dies, makes me cry loads

    Finding Nemo when nemo's dad is too small to swim away from the reef and he cant save his son

    I am Legend, when the dog dies :'(

    Toy story 3, when they're about to get melted

    The Fountain, if you really grasp what this film is about it is truly amazing,

    he happens to be a neuroscientist, and his wife is dying of a brain tumour, but neglects spending his last weeks with her trying to find a cure for her.

    the best acting from Hugh Jackman and Rachel weiz.

    having watched avatar recently I realise while massively over hyped it is much better the second time, and it's pretty sad at some points (destroying the tree)

    Stitch 2.

    No joke. :cry2: The message of love and family is so strong

    waterworld made me cry once when i was young, my sister threw the bloody video tape at my head

    Les Choristes

    The iron giant

    Love and Other Drugs
    One Day

    Those are the only films I've ever dried about. Love and Other Drugs made me cry because I was going through a bad patch with my illness and the guy in it cared so much for her even though she was sick. My boyfriend used to quote him to me when I felt sad, that made me cry even more I cried at One Day just out of shock, I was not expecting the ending! :L (Yes, I love Anne Hathaway )

    MANY. I am a bit of a cry baby when it comes to emotional films... -
    The Boy in the Striped PJs
    -The Visitor
    -My Sister's Keeper
    -La Vie en Rose
    -P.S. I love you
    -The Lion King
    -A Walk to Remember
    -Bambi ofcourse
    -To Kill a Mockingbird
    The Notebook
    -The Truman Show
    -The Shawshank Redemption

    (in no particular order)
    so maaaaaaaaaaannnyy more.

    (Original post by jennifer.tariah)
    I cried at every movie i've watched really... wait i guess crying is an understatement.. i wailed, balled really. Hunger Games Wrath of the titans Titanic (i've watched it like 4 times and cried all the time) Bridge to Terebithia Lion King Every Madea Film Remember the Titans Rise of the planet of the apes
    Why at Hunger Games? It was a fairly happy ending?

    This kind of thread gets made like every week Lemme guess...Marley and Me, Titanic, The Notebook, Harry Potter OMG DOBBY DIED, etc?

    I don't tend to cry at movies all that much. Except A.I. That movie killed me :bawling:

    dumbo. that scene where he's outside his mother's cage, omg :cry2:

    I cried like a baby at the end of Boy in the Striped Pyjamas.
    I always cry when the farmer sings to the pig in Babe.
    Into the Wild.
    The end of Les Choristes.
    An American Crime made me cry throughout however it's one of the best films I've seen.
    Persuit of Happiness
    and Dobby's death

    (Original post by charli135)
    Les Choristes
    Which part? I cried when Mathieu got chucked out and the children threw the planes out of the window..

    (Original post by Ladyliesel)
    "The Elephant Man" made me cry when I first watched it. It makes me grateful for the everyday things I can do.
    that part where they all chase him down and he says something like "i'm not an animal im a human being" I actually broke down crying.

    I also remember welling up at Forrest Gump when Jenny died. The poor sod loved her with everything he had yet she lived the life of a party animal and a whore. Really felt for him.

    Gladiator, aged 9 made me cry but nothing since.
    On reading some of the others, ET also as a kid.

    (Original post by MovieMoments)
    Okay, I really havent seen Titanic in ages - which dream bit?
    The very, very end when shes dreaming (or she might be dead I'm not sure haha) and shes back on the Titanic and she sees Jack waiting on the stairs, he takes her hand and then they kiss. This is immediatley followed with the cheesy theme song and the credits

    (Original post by Jester94)
    18 and I've never watched Titanic, though not sure I want to after the amount of people that have mentioned it on this thread!
    No it is a good film but I can't promise that you won't cry

    Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham lol

    Toy story 3, I was nearly in tears in the first five minutes

    :cry2: Titanic
    :cry2: Gladiator
    :cry2: Bambi
    :cry2: The Lion King

    The usual


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