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If you don't revise you'll end up..

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    (Original post by Dagnabbit)
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    I must say, i am geniunely impressed by some of the pictures on here :p:

    keep it up :yy:
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    (Original post by Miracle Day)
    So I thought we could create this thread to motivate each other..

    Post pictures of where we'll end up if we don't work hard and revise now

    I'll start.

    :giggle: Nothing like foretelling gloom/doom for motivation.

    And to you I say learn to take a joke ffs!
    (Original post by Lily Academia)
    It's more elitism than snobbery at work. I think most of it is in jest, but some people need to be a bit less forward in their proclaims of what 'Their Worst Outcome' would be :sadnod:

    <3 x
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    (Original post by Miracle Day)
    So I thought we could create this thread to motivate each other..

    Post pictures of where we'll end up if we don't work hard and revise now

    I'll start.
    I wouldn't mind working at Asda at the checkouts.
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    (Original post by Miracle Day)
    Well, on the basis of the fact it's last but one on the UK rankings I'd disagree

    And.. maybe ASDA's a great employer but I don't want to spend my life working there.
    1. Spend life working at Asda.
    2. Work way up to CEO.
    3. Take home massive paychecks.
    4. Laugh at university students working at Asda to try and get them through university.
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    If you dont revise you'll end up working in a ****ty job. I couldnt do my ****ty job for 50 years
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    (Original post by Kerrias)
    If I don't revise I will fail my exams that start in 3 weeks (Oh my god, this fact has just hit me now, I've had it in my mind like they're still months away for ages and I've done no revision so far...),I will then dissapoint my parents, my family and more importantly myself, I will not get to do the course I want at the uni I want, I willbe stuck in a city I dont like doing a course Im not fussed about, I will struggle for a career afterwards,

    If I do revise,I can get into that perfect course, I can see my mum smile, I can hear the pride in my grans voice when I tell her over the phone, I can go to Brazil (<3)

    I just keep imagening results day, seeing grades I dont want, the disappointment, the crushing of my dreams, seeing when my parents who have probably spent most the night excited and building up the day realise its not happened, and then imagine seeing the reuslts I really want and I smile thinking about it, the happiness and relief, making myself proud and my family proud, running to my parents telling them my grades

    You think this would motivate me, but even this doesnt....
    I agree, I got kicked out of my first year of sixth form this year but I'm doing a few exams this year privately. Even that doesn't motivate me.
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    If I don't revise I'll be forever wondering the wave functions for the probability density for an electron in an atom other than Hydrogen, and not have access to the tools to research it. Fml.
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    Click image for larger version. 

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    end up employee of the month at mcdonalds at the age of 30
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    Being pretty upset that I didn't do great at my AS'

    but on the other hand...

    I wouldn't really care because I'm going to college any way.
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    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Richard_Branson_Virgin_London_Marathon_2011_VpZxufkzpiQl.jpg 
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    You won't find The Matrix there Keanu, that's for sure.
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    You may end up in the armed forces. RAF or Navy's where i'm headed when everyone else is off uni ^_^
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    The thing that demotivates me the most is that after going on placement I've realised all the employers care about with regards to web proffessionals is a good portfolio. A portfolio tells the employer so much more about the quality of students work in comparison to a degree title. They dont even take a second glance at the degree type you have its your portfolio and experiance all the way. Once you realise that, wheres the motivation to do well in your exams??

    On top of that youve been offered a full time position now and if I decide to go back to uni and regardless of whether you do well or not when completing the degree the offer still stands.

    I'm very much a do'er and problem solver but I dont like to blag on writting about it which works great in a commercial environment, not so much academic. In addition one of the exams you have you know is completly irrelevant to anything in the real world.

    Wheres the motivation now??
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    ... young, dumb and living of mum.
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    (Original post by StrawberryKoi)
    All I'm thinking is:
    "That's such a cool box!"
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    (Original post by sb123303)
    Wth, you guys are so ignorant. Instead of thinking about the things that you want to be, you think of the things you don't want to be whilst disrespecting others. What snobs! You're knocking the confidence of people in these job roles or at these universities, and they may not think of it badly, until you make them question their situation.

    Not everyone has an easy road too. They may be smarter but could have ended up in a university or job that doesn't reflect the potential they have.

    I really thought this thread was for showing where you want to be. But instead, there's dramatic, rude people, who think not having a levels will make the world end.
    You do realise that most of the posts on this thread are just taking the piss, right?

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    (Original post by sb123303)

    I really thought this thread was for showing where you want to be.
    Really? Did you read the thread title? Note especially the word "don't".
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    (Original post by Miracle Day)
    This is not motivating.

    Nobody listen to these!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    lawl you should see the bonuses you get if you manage a big retail/food store. Nothing to turn your nose up at!


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