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Is it more "acceptable" to portray Asians in a derogatory way...?

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    Aww, you must feel so ronery.
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    (Original post by Casshern1456)
    "I'm comparing how blacks - an ethnic minority - are very well represented in Hollywood in non-stereotyped roles, whereas Asians - another ethnic minority - tend to only appear in heavily stereotyped roles."

    Black people do get sterotyped roles. They never get the scientist, geek roles, only hardman, survival man.

    Anyway imo East Asians get cast in a variety of roles, not just a particular one they may sometimes be "in the background" that's because there are more famous white actor in Hollywood, Jason statham, Bruce Willis, Stallone just to name a few who are higher up the pecking order.
    Look at my quote again. When did I say black people DON'T get stereotyped roles?

    Black people do get stereotyped, BUT they ALSO get non-stereotyped roles, e.g. Denzel Washington in Philadelphia, Will Smith in Pursuit of Happyness etc.

    Non-stereotyped role =/= opposite of every single black stereotype. Therefore, you talking about how black men are never "geeks" in films is irrelevant. A black guy doesn't have to be a "geek" in a film for him to play a non-stereotyped role.
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    In films it's down to the actors to some extent. If you're a certain kind of actor then you will play a certain kind of role in a film.
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    (Original post by Clip)
    I'll give you several examples of where "Asians" have taken the lead role:

    Maria Ozawa
    Obscene Nymphomaniac 5

    Roxy Jezel
    Sperm Overload 3

    London Keyes
    L for London

    Asia Carrera
    Asia is in Too Deep
    You forgot about Jessica Bangkok, Mika Tan, Asa Akira etc.


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Updated: April 9, 2012
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