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Best Club for VIP in Leeds

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    Hi all, joined up to ask this as I don't know where else to find the answer,

    Basically, just wanting to know what's the best club with the best VIP area in Leeds? - the VIP is the main thing really want to have a massive night out and pretend were millionaires... judge how you will lol

    Looking for a club thats definitely not Oceana, tiger, evolution, warehouse. maybe something a bit fancy, or just something with an absolutely ace VIP...

    Any help or input on this would be massively appreciated.


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    The space nightclub
    has a nice VIP lounge fits about 30 people(thats a guess)lol im hosting a night the in september 3 rooms of banging music and the feeling your out the way with ur own bar and bouncer keep the rifff raff away...lol

    check my night on facbook justincredible
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    Space VIP is hardly all that to be fair, its a small box It does have its own bar though which is handy.
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    I know mate but its set at the back of the club and its cosy if theres not many of u.


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