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Here is a logo...what do you think its for?

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    Im doing this graphics thing for someone.

    Ignore the colour. Its the bare-bones version of the logo.

    Your replies would really help!

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    I thinking a coffee bar/shop
    EDIT: I can see why people are saying clothing. What is it?
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    clothing brand/radio station
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    My first thought was shoes/boots.
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    The name/modernish font suggest fashion/clothing.
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    Skater/grunge clothing. Reminds me of Vans logo.
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    At first glance a footwear brand
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    As soon as i saw it i thought possibly, shoes/clothes?
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    sub culture magazine
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    A clothes brand, I'm thinking something similar to Soul Cal
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    Shoes, or some other type of clothing
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    :yep: Like others have said, I agree that it is to do with clothes. Or possibly shoes, specifically trainers?
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    Reminded me of Converse All Star for some reason.
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    It definitely looks like some sort of casual clothing brand - jeans, trainers, something like that (nothing fancy).

    Nothing to do with the logo but calling anything 'Trend' is a pretty tragic attempt at being cool in a 'hey we're poking fun at the idea of us being a trendy brand' sort of way.
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    A clothes brand.

    (Original post by someonesomewherexx)
    Reminded me of Converse All Star for some reason.
    That'll be because of the little star between the T and R probably.
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    Men's clothes. Mostly chinos, plimsolls, that sort of thing.

    EDIT: They see me rollin', they neggin'...
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    It looks like you've fused 'Bench.' and 'Converse All Star' together.
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    Shoes for me!
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    The star annoys me, it's not balanced on anything. I think I have a disorder lol


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