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Have you ever been in that situation ...

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    where you've lost your keys and your mobile? :erm:
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    One at a tym... not both 2getha... did u lose ur bad or something?
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    Yeah, so much in fact that i just wish there was a song i could sing to describe the situation :/
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    I thought I was, but I checked my front pocket and found it.
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    yes, i left them on the bus to school was not ****ing amused in the sligfhtest when i got home to find my self locked out with no way to contact anyone
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    If there is any justice in this world his semi-final will be a duet with DJ Talent.
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    I suddenly had the urge to say "if only you had your phone because then you could call your keys" :wtf:
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    (Original post by Vixen47)
    I suddenly had the urge to say "if only you had your phone because then you could call your keys" :wtf:
    I'm not even joking, whenever I lose something I always have this urge to call it even though I can't call it, it's not a phone!
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    If only there was a catchy, snazzy melody I could sing to remember.....
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    That was stuck in my head all throughout yesterday, I think I gave my entire family a headache.

    It's catchy though
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    Britains Got Talent!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    watched found it catchy asked myself the question and YES yes i have
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    (Original post by emcero)
    I'm not even joking, whenever I lose something I always have this urge to call it even though I can't call it, it's not a phone!
    I go through the exact same thing, whether it's a pair of socks or a file on my laptop! When it is my phone that I lose, I know there's no point in calling it because it's always on vibrate so I rarely hear it lol
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    Never lost either, I lost a £320 coat once, which annoyed me no end because it was beautifully stitched and fitted like a glove, and cost me lots of overtime at work, but never keys, wallet or phone.

    I thought I lost my wallet once, I'd gone out the night before, it wasn't in my coat or jeans. Turns out it'd just flown out of my jeans pocket and was on my bedroom floor, took me a few minutes of "oh balls I'm so screwed if I lose that" to find it.
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    Blooming heck, try losing your keys, wallet and phone!

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    Well that's back in my head now.. only took me three days to get rid of it the first time.. thanks.
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    Awww that song.

    But yeah it has happened, lost my entire handbag before.
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    yep, during my exams, walked all the way home do find I had no keys and whilst I had my mobile, it was out of juice, had to walk back to my mums work (next to my school) to find she already finished work so had to walk home again...facepalm...
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    I hate that stupid man.
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    Yep. At the gym. And my spare key was in my car glove compartment.

    Luckily somebody handed the keys in and my phone turned up the next day. Major panics!


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