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White racists charged over shotting spree on blacks

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    (Original post by lumberjack77)
    The shooter is reported to be this white dude below:

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    (Original post by natchina)
    If this shooter was a victim he would be called a person of colour.

    If Zimmerman was a victim he would be called a person of colour.

    The American media is clearly trying to incite some kind of racial conflict.

    They do it all the time. Last year, an Arab murdered some black people but the media pretended it was a white person. As soon as the facts were clear the case was dropped from the media.

    Also, the European media do the same thing. Look at how they acted with the recent killings in France with the Islamic extremist --they had rolling news blaming white people for days before the truth came out.
    This is really starting to annoy me. +rep when i can.
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    The first time I've ever seen the 'One Drop Rule' applied to a white person :lolwut:

    As in, "as long as the person isn't black it must mean they're white".
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    What makes me laugh is that Zimmerman is only as White as Obama, genetically speaking.

    I'ma start saying Obama and Tiger Woods are white and see how that strikes people
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    People have been killed and we are discussing race?
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    (Original post by ChunkyFudgeLover101;370640 42)
    People have been killed and we are discussing race?
    The media is whipping up racial tensions here.

    Been confirmed they are white here lol

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    That first guy isn't white, if anything he is Native American/Polynesian.

    American media, y u no common sense?
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    Regardless of whether one was white or not (the uppermost criminal is clearly not of Anglo-Saxon or Germanic skin-tone); Mr England's excuse is ridiculous and irrational:

    'My dad was killed by a f****** n*****': Suspect in shooting spree that killed three African-Americans and wounded two others talked of grudge against black community....

    By this logic:

    One whose father was killed by one of the incoming airliners flying into Tower One of the World Trade Center says: "My dad was killed by a f****** Muslim". He then proceeds to slaughter three random Muslims in his neighbourhood.

    Yet, more likely:

    My grandmother is slaughtered by a White male of Anglo-Saxon descent. I now say: "My grandma was killed by a White f*cker!". I then proceed to slaughter any random white person I see on the streets of England (this is not hard considering those of Anglo-Saxon descent make up more than 85% of the British population.)

    The moral of the story is: Don't be stupid. Don't generalise.
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    (Original post by Steevee)
    What makes me laugh is that Zimmerman is only as White as Obama, genetically speaking.

    I'ma start saying Obama and Tiger Woods are white and see how that strikes people
    America's got a Black president? Really?

    I'll be happy when the President's as dark as this (i.e. of pure Black African/Caribbean descent, not a so-called 'Mulatto'):

    E.g. Peter Bossman, Mayor of Piran, Slovenia

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	4caeb6f9_001_bossman.jpg 
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    (Original post by lumberjack77)
    Indeed, but the point i'm making is that the media are intentionally trying to stir up racial tensions. The media are doing this deliberately, its not an accident.

    Another case of racial incitement:


    Breaking: NBC news fires producer responsible for editing Trayvon Martin 911 tape
    EDIT: Actually, the transcript isn't clear. Apparently, some assert that Zimmerman said something like 'c00n'...
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    (Original post by lumberjack77)
    excellent post

    who controls the media again???????

    (Original post by Nightstar-27)
    One of the dudes isn't even white. I feel sorry for the 3 guys who were killed and the 2 who were injured. Clearly there is a lot of racial hatred in America atm. One of the shooters appears to have done it as his father was killed by a black man (not that I'm saying this validities his actions just that I can understand why it might cause him to hate black people). I'm getting sick of the media though.

    Erm.... no, that doesn't quite make sense.

    So, if a white man killed my mother, you would understand why that might cause me to hate white people? :erm:
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    White people, why do racist? Oh sorry forgot...you want to dominate the world, silly me.
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    you're all kidding, right? a liberal jew conspiracy to cause a black uprising against whites? it's all a big joke, yes?



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    (Original post by Darth Stewie)

    Don't think this is anything other than the media looking to cause outrage so people will get more interested in the issue and as a result watch/buy their products.

    The first guy is clearly not white, if i had to take a guess i would say he is Polynesian. Media bias isn't new and highlights the importance of not jumping the gun on issues after reading an article in a tabloid paper.

    I think George Zimmermans actions were highly questionable and I don't believe he's entirely innocent, however that picture made me chuckle.


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