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How rare are brunette girls with green eyes?

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    My mum does xD
    I'ma brunette with light blue eyes
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    (Original post by jameslad)
    materialistic knob.
    The word you're looking for is 'shallow'...and yes to an extent, I suppose I am...but then so is everybody else.
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    (Original post by Torpedo Fish)
    Well you're wasting your time rambling on about nothing, so why not use that time to actually address the points?

    No I don't, and I never said anything that even slightly resembles that.

    Obsession? It's a personal preference, nothing more.

    I'm sure you have your own personal preferences and opinions on what makes somebody attractive. And consciously or subconsciously you look for these attributes in potential partners when you meet people.

    In short you're a hypocrite.

    No, but neither do I think that it's exclusively a function of natural selection and I've outlined why in previous posts.

    I didn't. What you were saying was, in the context, a contradiction. You were taking a hypothetical person who possesses features that I find attractive and labeling them unattractive based on unspecified arbitrary features. You seem to think that your opinions on what makes somebody attractive are somehow intrinsically more valuable than anybody else's.
    Apparently T-toe is blonde with brown eyes.
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    I'm naturally a brunette, with green eyes
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    I have dark brown hair and hazel eyes so sometimes they're green and others they're more brown
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    (Original post by sammy-lou)
    Apparently T-toe is blonde with brown eyes.
    Really? She looks black with black hair in her profile photo. :confused:
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    (Original post by Torpedo Fish)
    Really? She looks black with black hair in her profile photo. :confused:
    I was being sarcastic. Don't worry, haha.
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    They're quite rare, but really stunning.
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    I have brown hair and green eyes, it's not much of a rarity.

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    I didn't realise it was rare? I'm brunette with green eyes- though they vary between emerald and slightly hazel.
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    I get loads of porn pics when I Google brunette with green eyes...

    I guess you can't find a girl matching your description because they are all porn stars?
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    Went to a cafe today and was served by a woman with lovely naturally curly brunette hair and green eyes! She was really stunning She was quite tanned, and had a bit of a Spanish/Latina look about her.
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    (Original post by RosiePosy18)
    I have naturally brunette hair and light green eyes... I don't know anyone else who has the same colouring... Dark browny-green eyes are more common, not pale green. I feel special
    I have the same hair and eye color in respect, however I am a guy.

    To OP: Do you really look for girls that have a specific combination of hair/eyes color? Is this your first priority in terms of meeting girls?
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    I'm a brunette with green eyes...we're not that rare really.
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    I am naturally brunette(black hair now) with green eyes
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    You make this sound like you want to catch a Pokemon or something:

    Torpedo Fish walks around in the grass, encounters rare Pokemon [green eye plus brown hair combination]

    Torpedo Fish uses courting. It's not very effective.

    Torpedo fish uses master ball. Girl escapes.

    Girl runs away.
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    I do. Although my eyes like to change colour - they were bright blue til I was about 6/7, then they slowly turned pale green, now they're heading towards a more turquoisey hue.
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    I am brunette with green eyes..or was till I dyed my hair ^_^
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    I'm brunette with green eyes.

    I dye my hair red though, that's an even better combination.
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    My bf has really dark brown hair and green eyes I suppose it's not a very common colouring but I wouldn't call it rare, I've met plenty.


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