In Australia and miserable

    I've been in Australia for almost six months now and it just isn't everything I hoped it would be. I was travelling with a friend I met in Sydney for 5 months and he went home ten days ago. I think he'd just had enough of living out of a backpack.
    I've worked a couple of times since I've been here and done some wwoofing (working a few hours a day in exchange for food and accommodation). I had a really awful experience wwoofing but decided to not let it get me down and to try again. So I did, and now my friend is gone it really feels like starting all over again. I don't know if I can or whether to just pack it in.
    Any advice?

    My advice; just stop if you're not enjoying it. Or go somewhere else.

    Where did you go with the WWOOF?

    It was a little place west of townsville in north Queensland. It wasn't the work or the place that was bad. It was one of the hosts. But I've heard other people have had really positive experiences so I think I was just unlucky.

    What about picking a place and saying you're going to stay there for a while? Or treat yourself to a little holiday within a holiday, because moving around so much can be tiring? Or, can you join a tour or volunteer placement? You'd be busy then, and with other people. And if you still weren't happy when that was done, you'd know you could go home, having tried to make it better

    Or, buy a cheap flight to SE Asia, you'll save the money you spent on the flight on reduced living costs while you're there. It's easy to meet other travellers and I think you'll have less chance to feel lonely there, because there's so much to see and do.

    Go find a super-friendly hostel and find more people. Asylum in Cairns was AMAZING for that, as as Nomads Westend in Sydney (I normally can't abide chain hostels, but that was an exception to the rule).

    Do you have any people you've met whilst travelling who are in the area and you could meet up with again?

    Either try to make the most it and meet new people, maybe stay in one place for a while and find people to travel with or yes just go to a different county / home... guess its up to you

    Get a flight to Auckland/Wellington or Christchurch, NZ then. Then again, the flight is nearly as long as one from the UK to Canada/North East USA. Fiji, Vanuatu, Tuvalu and New Caledonia are all fairly nearby


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