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How to write fast during an exam?

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    Hi everybody,

    I'm just wondering if any of you have any tips on how to write fast during an exam? I'm currently in final year of university and I literally have essay after essay to write and I'm just asking for any tips on how to write as fast but as neatly as I can. And hopefully without having an aching arm by the end of three hours solid writing.
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    Lots of practice is all I can recommend!

    I'd also practice putting your answers into note format - if all else fails I just write in bullet points at the end just to get the salient details of my argument across and pick up those last couple of marks.
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    I think note format and bullet points are the "if all else fails" type of option. The way I have been told to structure my essays need to be introduction, body, conclusion type of style. Full sentences etc. I took a look at a few websites online, some people say that they hold their pen differently, a looser grip perhaps? I'm not too sure
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    I can write fast, the problem is it becomes too scruffy and damn near impossible to read the faster i write!
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    Use pens with a good grip. Sometimes wear plasters on your fingers for additional grip. Drink coffee so you don't get tired.
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    I always thought your writing speed was dependent on the type of pen you use. For example, with a biro you usually have to press harder than say, one of those pilot art pens. So you're usually writing quicker with the ink and you don't press as hard so less of an achy hand?


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