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Would you date any of your teachers, if they'd never been your teacher?

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    Imagine that you'd met them in a club (or wherever you usually meet people...)

    My maths teacher is gorgeous, but I wish she wasn't my teacher
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    I've left school, but I would've jumped at the chance to get with my Chemistry and Maths teachers

    I would have ****ed the living **** out of my religious studies teacher. She could easily have been a model, looked like a healthy, young, not so pale version of kate moss. The quality of my homework assignments went through the roof when she came in.
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    my philosophy teacher was HOT HOT HOT!

    He was only about 24.

    I always thought it must be awkward teaching students aged 18 when your only 24 yourself... :/ poor guy was such a sweetie
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    Aye. I had a music teacher I would totally have tapped.. had it not been for the fact that I was a little n00b :rolleyes:
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    My A-level maths teacher was INCREDIBLE! Mmmmm

    My alevel maths teacher.

    But right now, i'd totally date my course leader at uni.... hes gorgeous!
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    My physics teacher but she was married. I've had a fair few tutors at uni who I'd do

    Realistically I'd probably not want much more than sex because there's usually a awkward age/life experience/what you want in life gap
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    :afraid: The whole maths and science departments wouldn't be given first prize for looks I'll say at my school but if the teacher didn't teach me, I would. Once I'm out of the school of course :lol:
    R.E/english teachers at my school... :hubba:
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    Never! it just wouldn't seem right at all to be honest...
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    My GCSE Maths teacher was ridiculously hot! It's such a shame that she was married with children....oh, and I was only 16 :/
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    It must be really wierd, or awkward if youre a newly graduated teacher, still very young and work in a school where there are 17/18 year olds around, i'm sure attraction develops on both sides but nothing gets done about it.
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    (Original post by LettersFromTheSky)
    It must be really wierd, or awkward if youre a newly graduated teacher, still very young and work in a school where there are 17/18 year olds around, i'm sure attraction develops on both sides but nothing gets done about it.
    Possibly not.

    I'm 21, graduate this year and work with 13-18 year olds. I've never ever thought of any of them in a remotely sexual way. It strikes me as wrong, I have responsibility for them, I'm in a position of power. They don't go into the 'possibly attractive people' part of my brain, they are in the same bit as my sister.
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    So many hot teachers at my school/college
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    Would have TOTALLY done my best friend's saxophone teacher. He was niiiiiice :sexface:
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    if i fancied them then y not


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Updated: April 19, 2012
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