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New Video from Imrano TV

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    Hey guys,
    Imrano TV has released a third video. Please watch, like, subscribe to the channel and most of all share with all your friends. Support your fellow student and appreciate the overwhelming response from the last video!
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    First of all thanks for posting your latest video. I must begin by saying that I feel that this is an improvement from the previous video and certainly you seem to have developed this a lot more. There are still some editing issues where the transition is obvious and isn't smooth and I would say that there are still some storyline issues and I'm not really sure that it's clear how the sketches fitted together, but I feel that the acting was a lot more controlled, but still powerful within this new sketch. The final one with the 'ten seconds earlier' really worked well and that is definitely something that you could look to emulate in terms of its success in your future work. Perhaps you could look to film that whole scene in one and use the footage of that one take where appropriate because it wasn't entirely smooth. Your cast are certainly very supportive, but ensure that you still remain the star.

    It's a great improvement, but I'd look now to really work on the editing and the storyline.

    I look forward to seeing the next video from Imrano TV,

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    Thanks for the feedback. I appreciate it alot. If you could subscribe to the channel/like the page on Facebook/follow on Twitter I'd be very grateful and will try my best to improve in the future.

    Youtube: www.imrano.tv
    Facebook: www.imrano.com
    Twitter: www.twitter.com/ImranoTV

    Thanks alot!


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