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Your first console

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    Bought myself a GBA in Year 7 :daydreaming:

    ...but it broke in my school bag a couple of years later! :bawling:

    Its spirit carries on as an emulator on my phone, where I have both of the games I ever played and many more :bubbles:
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    (Original post by Stephan89)
    I started gaming on an Amiga 500. I have very fond memories of games like Flashback, The Settlers, The Chaos Engine, Lemmings and Cannon Fodder. :coma:

    My first actual console was a PS1, which I got one Christmas with Crash Bandicoot and Ridge Racer Revolution.

    The Amiga was also my first step into the world of gaming and I also played the same games as you.My first console ( well not technically mine) was a Sega Mega drive.My children's first console was Gamecube.
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    Nintendo DS However didnt use it much! prefer the real world and the outdoors and fresh air!
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    Game Boy Advance SP
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    Gameboy advance sp
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    PS1 - when I was two years old.
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    SNES, which was technically my brother's. The only games we had were Mario Kart and Starfox, but still managed to spend most of our summer holidays festering inside playing them.

    Then one beautiful christmas I got a gameboy colour with pokémon red, and the rest was history (and other such clichés).
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    Gamecube. Oh yeah.
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    (Original post by Mr Ben)
    Sega Megadrive was my first console, absolutely loved that thing
    YES YES YES YES YES! I remember turning it on and every time it came on singing 'SEGA!'
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    My first console was one of them cheap ones that you can get from a typical market stall and had to plug it at the back of your TV. The only games I had on this thing was Tetris, Space Invaders and Pac-Man.
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    In 2002, my parents got me the original Play Station, which was my first console. I actually thought that playing Spyro on that thing was the best thing since sliced bread!
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    Got a PS2 when I was 9, had a Gameboy Advance before though spent every minute until I got my PS2 playing Sonic Advance :rolleyes:
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    The first console I played was a Sega Master System II, but I don't really think of it as "my first console" as it was my older sisters', and they played it a lot more than I did.

    Nah, my first console was a Dreamcast, baby :smug:
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    (Original post by Annie72)
    The Amiga was also my first step into the world of gaming and I also played the same games as you.My first console ( well not technically mine) was a Sega Mega drive.My children's first console was Gamecube.
    I'd love to see some of those Amiga games get the remake/re-release treatment in the future.
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    i guess my first console was a game boy which i shared with my aunts.

    but my first consoles which i owned by myself were a game boy advance and a game cube. i gave the gba to my aunties a while ago but i still have the gamecube and it still works perfectly! thinking about it now, it makes me feel really nostalgic. life was simpler then. all i cared about was passing the next level of sonic adventure 2: battle!
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    (Original post by Stephan89)
    I'd love to see some of those Amiga games get the remake/re-release treatment in the future.
    Me too!!.It'd be great to play them again........without having to wait an eon for the floppys to load
  17. Offline

    When i was little, i was given a nintendo 64 (my uncles old one on which he played mario kart) and never used it, so i suppose my first console was a DS, but now I use the Wii
  18. Offline

    Gameboy Color, Pokemon made me feel that I just had to own one.
  19. Offline

    Sega Dreamcast- god I loved that thing.
    many, many hours spent playing Sonic Adventure and ChuChu Rocket!
  20. Offline

    A Gameboy Classic for me, along with Super Mario Land and Tetris. There are fond memories there of getting Link's Awakening on its release :awesome:

    In terms of 'full size' consoles the N64 was my first, though the PS3 is now my 'main' console. First-party Nintendo games are still very hard to beat, but there just aren't enough of them to make the Wii a good enough prospect on its own. :sad:


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Updated: April 16, 2012
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