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Strangest/Funniest lines you have heard in a song

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    Sitting on a cornflake, waiting for the van to come.:hmmm:
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    me not working hard,
    yeah right picture that with a kodak,
    or better yet take a picture of me with a kodak

    from the lyrical genius that is pitbull
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    "I cried tear drops over the massive attack
    I only make hits like I work with the racket and bat
    Look at my jacket and hat
    So damn berserk
    So down to Earth"

    What? What? One last time, just for good measure, what? In what way does this instruction have any bearing on anything else in the song? "My life was hard, I'm super talented... hey, check out my hat." What hat? You mean the one you're not wearing?

    Seriously, not does he seem to feel that logically transitioning from one thought to the other is for sissies, but at no point in the music video does he even wear a hat. Is this some kind of surreal challenge to the listener?
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    "I have so many clothes that i keep some of them in my aunts house."

    I really don't understand how he is taken seriously?
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    There's Winston Churchill dressed in drag,
    he used to be a British flag, plastic bag, what a drag.
    The frog was a prince, the prince was a brick, the brick was an egg,
    the egg was a bird.
    (Fly away you sweet little thing, they're hard on your tail)
    Hadn't you heard?
    (They're going to change you into a human being!)
    Yahoo, we're happy as fish and gorgeous as geese,
    and wonderfully clean in the morning.
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    From some Britney Spears song off her latest album

    Boy, boy look at you
    I wanna get, get, get next to you
    Got me kinda hot but I ain’t sweating you
    Steaming like a pot full of vegetables
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    Shawty, when you dance, you got me captivated
    Just by the way that you keep lickin’ them dick suckin' lips, I’m agitated, aggravated
    To the point you don’t suck my dick, then you’re gonna get decapitated
    Other words, you don’t ****in’ give me head, then I’m have to take it.

    (LOL @ "you don’t ****in’ give me head, then I’m have to take it")

    Eminem is Super:cool: !

    Lyrics from:
    Bad Meets Evil - Fast Lane
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    "[something] [something] is it cause I'm black"

    sung by Fat Joe
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    "I love you like a fat kid loves cake" - 50 Cent, from the song 21 Questions
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    "I met a strange lady, she made me nervous. She took me in and gave me breakfast."

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    "Boom boom boom boom
    I want you in my room
    Let's spend the night together
    From now until forever
    Boom boom boom boom
    I wanna double boom
    Let's spend the night together
    Together in my room"

    I'm not even going to ask what a double boom is...
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    Bearing in mind that this is sung by a dude who to my knowledge is not transgender:

    "You are the girl that I've been dreaming of ever since I was a little girl." :lolwut:
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    (Original post by Miracle Day)
    Get with da times god dammet.

    It means the girl has 'swag'.
    No, they are just terrible lyrics that anyone could write.
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    "Say my name three times like Candyman Bet I roll on your ass like an avalanche"

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    'But you lied again, now you get to watch her leave out the window. I guess that's why they call it ''window pane'' '

    Erm what Mr Marshall Mathers, that doesn't make sense. Not even in the pain/pane transition.
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    Touch my bum, this is life. :lolwut:
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    Pretty much every single line in this song

    Aah Eminem at the height of his drug addiction
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    (Original post by Vixen47)
    Touch my bum, this is life. :lolwut:

    All their songs are written by their mother
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    "From all the unborn chicken voices in my head"
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