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1 Meal a day

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    Couldn't decide whether to put this in here or food or drink - but I think this is right.

    For god knows how long, I've rarely eaten anywhere near 3 meals a day. I seriously can't eat breakfast. You know when you've eaten so much food you can't eat any more? That's how I feel in the mornings. Then I rarely eat lunch, to be honest, I can go all day until tea in the evening without really eating.

    I know this can't be a good thing, but I genuinely don't feel hungry. I don't feel ill and, thus far, I haven't noticed anything bad and I'm far from anorexic. I'm a short, stocky and relatively overweight person. Because of this I have lost weight, but that isn't a goal and hasn't really been a bad thing.

    What could the consequences of this be, do people think? Should I be forcing myself to eat or adopt the "If it ain't broke, don't fix it" belief?
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    sounds fine to me, if you have enough fat on your body to use as energy then eating only a little is fine. I am sure if you became undernourished you would notice the effects and make the changes you need too.
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    It'll be eating your muscle, not fat if you're practically on a starvation diet. How much d'you eat for that one meal?

    Just gonna say that you're probably malnourished - most people can't get everything they need from one meal a day unless they really make a conscious effort to do so. So that isn't very good long term.

    I don't particularly like your diet. I am short, stocky and overweight as you described yourself, and I do want to lose weight, however I don't think what you eat is enough. Even if you just ate, i don't know, some grapes in the morning, and a little at lunch, it would still be relatively little but it would be much better and if it was healthy you would still keep the weight off. I don't think you should adopt the 'If it ain't broke' belief because sometimes it takes a while to realise when something is broken

    I thought that's what people would say, to be honest. In my defence, it's not really a conscious decision not to eat... it's almost like I can forget that I have to eat. Anyway! Thanks for the advice, guys.


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Updated: April 9, 2012
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