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Can any French speaker help me?

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    It's quite presumptuous of me to think anyone will even consider bothering to do this, but I thought it was worth asking.

    For my French A2 Oral exam I have to present an éxpose. I'm trying to memorise it, and I'd like to have it on my iPod. Y'know, so it sinks in. The problem is I can't stand to hear my own recorded voice, and I'd just be reinforcing incorrect pronunciation. So basically it'd be handy if someone else would do it.

    It would be amazing if a native French speaker or a non-native with a reasonably good accent would be willing to record themselves reading the text and then send it to me. It's only four minutes.

    So if anyone can help, I'll be eternally grateful.
    *cue awkward thread with no posts except the spambot..*
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    I don't mind doing it if you still need someone
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    (Original post by SaveItForTheMorning)
    I don't mind doing it if you still need someone
    Thank you; that would be amazing.
    I'll PM it to you. No pressure though - if you find you don't have time to do it or something, I'll understand.
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    You know if you type it into Google Translate, I hear the pronounciation is near to perfect.
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    tits 4 recording. deal?
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    I'll do it :3 PM Me
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    I don't know if you still have somebody but I can help you. Furthermore, I have a neutral accent in french.

    I'm a native french speaker studying for few months in UK.

    In exchange, I'm searching for someone to proofread my dissertation in english or parts of it .

    Let me know,
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    Same situation as me, I have an awful French accent and have now learnt it with all the incorrect pronociation!
    I had to get the French assistant in my school to do it for me in the end


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